One Year Separation Effective Date for Pennsylvania No-Fault Divorce

This December 5th, 2017 marks the earliest date that a couple may file for the non-90 day waiting period divorce if they have been separated only one year.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2017 / — Last year around this time it was announced that the required length of separation time for Pennsylvania couples qualifying for a no-fault divorce without a 90 day waiting period was being reduced from two years to one year, but there was a major catch.

When Pennsylvania's no-fault divorce law became effective in June of 1980, the separation period was three years. Some years later, it was reduced to two years with no strings attached; however, when the law reduced it from two to one, the one year separation had to begin on or after December 5th, 2016.

No explanation for this has ever been published or otherwise made available. Nonetheless, this coming December 5th, 2017, marks the earliest date that a couple may file for the non-90 day waiting period divorce, that one year having past.

Accordingly, If you and your spouse are contemplating ending your marriage and moving on with your lives and you began living separate and apart on or after December 5, 2016, you may begin counting off just one year from the date you separated, not two, and your divorce process (which is called a 3301(d) divorce) will not be required to include the 90 day waiting period (of a 3301(c) divorce) and can be, therefore, much quicker.

Many people confuse the 90 day waiting period with a 90 day separation period. It is a waiting period imposed in a 3301(c) divorce during which time, it is hoped by the legislature of Pennsylvania, the couple would cool off and patch things up, staying married. Couples may live together for the entire 90 days or any portion of it. The 90 days begins after the divorce is filed and the other party receives official notice of the filing. When it is over, both parties must sign a document which states each wants the divorce to become final.

So, our divorce laws have made progress since 1980. Now if the powers-that-be only saw fit to reduce (or eliminate) that frustrating 90 day wait.


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Source: EIN Presswire