John Marshall Law School Will Accept the GRE for Fall 2018 Admission

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2018 / — As part of its continued mission of access and opportunity, The John Marshall Law School in Chicago is accepting Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for fall 2018 admission. J.D. applicants can now submit GRE scores in lieu of taking the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT); however, if an applicant has taken both the GRE and the LSAT, that student must submit both results.

In pursuing innovative admission models that satisfy American Bar Association (ABA) Standard 503, John Marshall participated in the GRE Law School Validity Study by Educational Testing Service (ETS) in spring 2017. The study was designed to research the validity and reliability of the GRE as a viable predictor of student success by comparing GRE results to participants’ existing LSAT scores.

Results of the Validity Study at John Marshall indicated that the GRE was a valid and reliable predictor of successful law school performance, just like the LSAT. John Marshall also conducted an internal review of the school-level results provided by ETS. ETS’s national research further supports that the GRE satisfies ABA Standard 503, which “mandates that a law school require applicants to submit a valid and reliable law school admission test score as part of their application.” Fifteen additional law schools, including the University of Chicago Law School and Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, have announced they will begin accepting GRE scores.

“Diversity, opportunity, and innovation have been guiding ideals at The John Marshall Law School for more than 115 years,” said Chante Spann, Assistant Dean for Admissions at John Marshall. “By accepting the GRE, we’re offering students who might not have otherwise considered law school access to a legal education and the opportunity to change lives.”

By accepting the GRE, John Marshall will provide greater access and opportunity to people seeking a legal career. Accepting the GRE may also attract potential law students who as undergraduates chose intellectual pursuits beyond traditional pre-law areas of study.

The GRE is a standardized test that has been an admissions requirement for many graduate schools for the past several decades. The GRE aims to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing and critical thinking skills. The exam is scored on a scale with 130 being the lowest possible score and 170 being the highest.

About The John Marshall Law School
The John Marshall Law School, founded in 1899, is an independent law school located in the heart of Chicago's legal, financial and commercial districts. The 2017 U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Graduate Schools ranks John Marshall's Lawyering Skills Program 5th, its Trial Advocacy Program 19th and its Intellectual Property Law Program 21st in the nation. Since its inception, John Marshall has been a pioneer in legal education and has been guided by a tradition of diversity, innovation, access and opportunity.

Miller McDonald
The John Marshall Law School
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Statement By Canadian Vaping Association On E-liquid Incident at Fredericton School

The Canadian Vaping Association is deeply saddened by the death of 14-year-old Kyle Losse of Delta, B.C., who died last week after hitting his head.

The CVA’s official policy has always been that electronic cigarettes should only be used by adults and should not be sold to minors under any circumstance.”

— Shaun Casey

Jan 28, 2018
Statement By Canadian Vaping Association
On E-liquid Incident at Fredericton School

(Toronto, Ontario) The Canadian Vaping Association is deeply saddened by the death of 14-year-old Kyle Losse of Delta, B.C., who died last week after hitting his head.

As many of our members may have seen, his stepmother, Niki Losse, has been blaming his death on electronic cigarettes, as she claims he was vaping when he hit his head. The story has received significant coverage in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and throughout the rest of the country.

As both Fraser Health and the BC Coroner’s Service are investigating this tragic incident, The CVA would like to caution its members against making public inferences about the cause of death, until all the facts of the case have come to light.

That said, The CVA’s official policy has always been that electronic cigarettes should only be used by adults and should not be sold to minors under any circumstance. To that end, The CVA has been working over the past months to institute clear and concise rules to govern the Canadian vaping industry, in order to prevent youth from getting their hands on e-cigarettes.

Late last year, The CVA instructed its members to ensure that all online orders require a signature and age-verification, meaning that the carrier will be obliged to check the recipient’s ID, to ensure that person is above the age of majority.

Audits of online retailers are already underway to ensure compliance with the new policy. Under a deal struck between The CVA and Canada’s major credit card processors, companies found to be in violation will have their payment systems cut off and will be blacklisted from using payment systems controlled by the major credit card companies in the future. The CVA will be expanding this program over the course of 2018 to include audits of brick-and-mortar storefronts, as well.

The CVA is also working with the federal government to develop a certification program for vaping retailers, which will provide employees with training in how to check IDs and spot underage customers, similar to the instruction given to those who work in bars and liquor stores. More details on this program will be released over the coming weeks.

The CVA would like to thank its members for complying with these programs and continuing to do everything in their power to ensure that young people do not purchase electronic cigarettes or other vaping products.

For more information or to arrange an interview contact:

Darryl Tempest
Executive Director The Canadian Vaping Association

Darryl Tempest
Canadian Vaping Association
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IronMag Labs Dismissal Reversed by Ninth Circuit, Allowing Ostarine Case to Proceed

A federal appeals court ruled a judge improperly dismissed a lawsuit against seller of Ostarine sports supplements

It is important that the creators of drugs like Ostarine are able to protect their inventions and the integrity of the clinical trial process to ensure the safety of products.”

— Attorney Robert Tauler

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 29, 2018 / — A 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel handed client Nutrition Distribution LLC a victory today in its ongoing battle to prevent IronMag Labs LLC from its false advertising of its sports supplements containing Ostarine, a substance developed by pharma giant GTx to treat degenerative muscle diseases and cancers, announced Robert Tauler of Tauler Smith LLP in Los Angeles. The lawsuit alleges that IronMag Labs sells Ostarine without a prescription and markets Ostarine as a bodybuilding supplement, even though Ostarine is still in clinical trials. IronMag does not disclose to its customers that Ostarine has well known side effects, according to the lawsuit.

In 2016, U.S. District Judge Manuel Real dismissed the lawsuit under a legal theory called primary jurisdiction, holding that because the FDA had not yet determined if Ostarine was a new drug requiring further study and testing before it could be distributed, the court could not interfere by making its own determination.

The 9th Circuit reversed and remanded, ruling that the lower court had abused its discretion and misapplied the law. “We are pleased that the Ninth Circuit recognized the Plaintiff’s right to move forward with its claims.” explained Tauler.

Nutrition Distribution‘s position was bolstered by an amicus curiae brief filed by GTx Inc., which said that Ostarine is being investigated as a new drug, is the subject of clinical trials, and, as such, cannot be sold in supplements.

“We are pleased that the Ninth Circuit acknowledged GTx's position that since Ostarine is the subject of publicly disclosed clinical trials, it cannot subsequently be marketed as a dietary supplement. It is important that the creators of drugs like Ostarine are able to protect their inventions and the integrity of the clinical trial process to ensure the safety of products,” Tauler said.

For more information about the case, click here and here.

Tauler Smith LLP represents both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation, including false advertising, business disputes, and unfair competition.

Robert Tauler
Tauler Smith LLP
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Linda Donnelly, CEO of Business Solutions Marketing Group and ForLawFirmsOnly.NET announces launch of Review program!

Did you know how important are customer reviews to potential customers? Very important, as it turns out.

MECHANICSBURG, PA, USA, January 29, 2018 / — Linda Donnelly, President and CEO of Business Solutions Marketing Group, LLC and ForLawFirmsOnly.NET announces an updated version of The Review Builder program which can help any type of business get more reviews online. Business owners can definitely see the value in having a strong online reputation, not only by increasing the number of customers they are attracting but the action that these customers take.

"72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review – YOUR business needs a positive review score now” says Linda Donnelly, President and CEO of Business Solutions Marketing Group, LLC and ForLawFirmsOnly.NET

Business Solutions Marketing Group,LLC and is now offering a 15 day FREE trial of our Review Builder program and there are absolutely no set up fees if you decide to try the Review Builder program. We offer both a text message and email approach to getting more reviews. The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to think about our Review Builder program and generate more reviews for your business today.

1. Build a reputation on the review sites that matter most to your business. (Google, YELP, Facebook and more)
2. Improve local SEO to more easily get found. We have found that many business owners have no idea what their google business page looks like.
3. Gain insights to improve business operations, knowing what your customers think about your business has never been more important.
4. Manage, report on, and track all of your reviews with daily or monthly reports and Review Builder portal.

You may not realize it but Google Reviews Have a Huge Impact on Your Business. While both are important for small businesses, studies say Google is more important for reviews than Yelp. Google is the biggest search engine in the world (accounting for around 64 percent of all searches worldwide) and when potential customers search Google for local businesses, reviews and star ratings show up. Google was also found to be the most important review site for purchase decisions, and consumers are 38 percent more likely to visit and 29 percent more likely to consider buying from a business with a complete Google My Business page.

Isn’t it time to boost your online reputation? To have a fighting chance in today’s digital world, your business needs to be consistently getting new reviews. For More information about our Review Builder program call (800) 322-1339 or email Visit us on the web at and www.ForLawFirmsOnly.NET

Linda Donnelly
Business Solutions Marketing Group, LLC
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A Small Hole in Your Parking Lot Could Cost You $70,000

Saffren and Weinberg - Personal Injury Attorneys

Falling victim to a personal injury case can be hard, especially when other parties put the blame on you. Luckily, Jeff Schaffer knows what to do in that case.

Unfortunately, refusing to take the blame for another party’s personal injury can be very common, even if you may be at fault.”

— Jeff Schaffer, Partner

JENKINTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2018 / — Attorney Jeffrey Schaffer and the team at Saffren & Weinberg work tirelessly for victims of personal injury cases. Throughout the years, the firm has won millions of dollars for those who have suffered personal injuries.

Jeff Schaffer, Attorney at Saffren & Weinberg, Receives Verdict on Personal Injury Case

Jeffrey Schaffer is an attorney at Saffren & Weinberg, located in Jenkintown, PA that handles personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, property damage, social security disability, and wrongful death.

Schaffer was recently able to obtain a settlement for a personal injury client. This client was involved in a fall-down incident in Burlington County, New Jersey. The client was walking across a business parking lot when he stepped into a small hole causing him to fall. The man was injured and suffered a severe fracture of his ankle. The owner of the property and retail tenant on the property denied any liability for his injury and proceeded to blame the client’s negligence for his fall.

Unfortunately, refusing to take the blame for another party’s personal injury can be very common, even if you may be at fault. Businesses and property owners can be very quick to put the blame on someone else to try and avoid paying medical or other expenses. Worse yet, most businesses have insurance for these type of liability issues. Many times the insurance companies just drag their feet hoping to settle for pennies on the dollar.

Luckily, the client reached out to the attorneys at Saffren & Weinberg to help with his case. Jeffrey Schaffer was more than happy to take on the case and help file a lawsuit to get the client the justice that he deserved. The matter proceeded to a court-ordered arbitration which awarded the client $70,000.00. The defendants have paid the award.

Lawyer Marc Weinberg of Jenkintown is a named partner at Saffren & Weinberg, a firm also located in Jenkintown, PA. He works to improve the lives of victims that have been injured due to the negligence of others. The firm is also known to many as “The People’s Voice In Court.” They make themselves available via phone at (215) 576-0100 or by email on the Saffren & Weinberg website. Saffren & Weinberg provides a no-charge, complimentary case review and answers questions for those that think they were injured by others without fault of their own.

+++++ Disclaimer +++++ This press post/release is considered advertising and does not constitute any client-attorney privilege and does not offer any advice or opinion on any legal matter. This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

Marc Weinberg, Partner
Saffren & Weinberg
215 576-0100
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5 Questions to Ask Prospective VoIP Solutions Providers Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

To help you make this critical choice — and filter out companies that are unworthy of your time from those that deserve your consideration.

We offer Affordable, Easy to use, No Contract, Cloud-based Phone Systems For Small-Medium Businesses that Increase Employee Productivity anywhere in the United States. Ideal for remote workers.”

— Nicky Smith, President/CEO, Digital

GREENSBORO, NC, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2018 / — As we have looked at previously, there are three categorically different types of VoIP business phone system companies in the marketplace: do-it-yourself mass market vendors, carrier service providers, and established VoIP Solutions Providers.

Clearly, you want to partner with a VoIP Solutions Provider, and steer as clear as possible from the other types of companies — because your happiness, success, ROI and shortest path to value all depend on it.

To help you make this critical choice — and filter out companies that are unworthy of your time from those that deserve your consideration — here are 5 questions to ask prospective VoIP Solutions Providers before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Do you specialize in business VoIP phone systems?

It’s vital that any vendor on your shortlist specializes in business VoIP phone systems. It cannot be something that they “dabble in” as they focus on other product and service lines. They must be legitimate experts in the field who understand the technology inside and out, and have several years of verified experience.

2. Are you independent and “brand agnostic”?

A qualified and experienced VoIP Solutions Provider will recommend certain technologies and brands for items such as managed routers, backup power supplies, certified IP phones, and so on. However, these recommendations will be based on evidence and experience — not on any self-interest, ulterior motive or hidden agenda. You need to know that any advice you receive is based on what’s best for your unique business, and you’re not being pushed and prodded into buying something that you may not want or need.

3. What is your service commitment and capacity?

The importance of this question cannot be underestimated. If you have a question, concern, issue, or simply want to learn more about a certain aspect or feature of your business VoIP phone system, you need to know that your VoIP Solutions Provider is committed to addressing your needs, and that they have the in-house capacity to provide responsive support. Instead of leaning backwards after the sale, your VoIP Solutions Provider should learn forwards to ensure that you are getting optimal value from your investment, and reaping ALL of the rewards — not just some of them!

4. Can we see testimonials and talk to your customers?

An experienced and credible VoIP Solutions Provider will be delighted to provide you with testimonials, and connect you with customers so that you can have a private conversation (or email dialogue if you prefer) to discuss their experience. Any VoIP Solutions Provider that hesitates to provide you with “social proof” that they keep their promises should be crossed off your list.

5. Will you help our team use the system?

Some employees love new technology and are the first to embrace it. Others can be somewhat less enthusiastic, while some can be outright resistant; not because they are anti-technology, but because change — even the positive and progressive variety — can trigger uncertainty and anxiety. It’s vital that your VoIP Solutions Provider is ready, willing and able to provide your team with the training and support they need. This includes working with employees who are not excited about or adept with technology, and who therefore need to be introduced to the VoIP phone system from a more fun and functional perspective vs. a technological one. It may also include training “super users” on your team, who serve as on-site support resources, and who facilitate routing questions and issues to your VoIP Solutions Provider. 5 for 5

At, we proudly answer the bell on all 5 of these questions. Specifically:

– We are recognized experts in the field with nearly 20 years of experience, which is far more than most companies in the marketplace.
– We are 100% brand agnostic, and only provide advice and recommendations that are best for our customers — not for us or for hardware manufacturers.
– Our commitment to service before, during and after implementation is unmatched. We don’t succeed unless and until our customers do.
– We love sharing testimonials and recommendations from our roster of satisfied customers. Upon request, we’re also happy to connect prospective customers with existing ones, so they can have a confidential and private discussion about anything they deem necessary.
– We know that a VoIP business phone system is only an investment if employees USE it to its full potential. We provide full training, and we have the seasoned ability to take fear, confusion and anxiety out of the experience, and replace it with clarity and confidence!

To learn more, contact the team today for a free, no obligation consultation. Our experience is your advantage!

For additional information regarding, visit or email

About (formerly Carolina Digital) is a pioneer of hosted phone services, and provides products that improve the capabilities of business and education telephony, while reducing their overall cost. The company’s offerings stand out for their excellent value, including very competitive pricing, the industry’s deepest feature set, ease of deployment, and many user-friendly packages – from a full turnkey setup including dial tone and VoIP phones, to automated call answering and routing solutions that work with existing landlines, cell phones or VoIP phones.

Nicky Smith
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Cloud based Telephone for Business DigitalPhone io

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‘We the People’…Good Friday National Holiday Campaign supports senate bill to establish Good Friday as a holiday in NYS.

Isaiah 53

The Suffering Servant/A Grave Assigned

Good Friday National Holiday Campaign Prayerfully Supports New York State Senate Bill Number S.6937, to Establish GOOD FRIDAY as a public holiday in N.Y. State.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 26, 2018 / — The Good Friday National Holiday Campaign has announced that it is prayerfully supporting the State Senate Bill S. 6937 to designate Good Friday as a public holiday in New York. The Bill S. 6937 is an act to amend the general construction law and the education law, in relation to the designation of Good Friday as a public holiday.

The campaign has humbly asked the Trump Administration to please give Good Friday commemorative status in the USA. This is particularly so as Good Friday is a national holiday in over 135 countries across the globe, and in only 12 states in the U.S., as well as in 3 US Territories.

We humbly ask the Trump Administration to please give Good Friday commemorative status in the USA. The “One Million Signatures” Campaign is an effort designed to raise awareness among the public, through a series of dialogues with our elected officials, and collection of signatures of our supporters on a petition addressed to the White House.

The State of New York has already demonstrated an interest in the subject both in the private and public sectors, with Wall Street, New York’s secular entity that trades in billions of dollars closing on Good Friday. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, as well as other equity and options platforms, also close for business on Good Friday. This also applies to public schools, as they all close their gates on Good Friday.

According to the director and spokesperson of the Good Friday Campaign, Sharon Jones, “We have been advocating for several years now having Good Friday established as a National Holiday in the USA, and we are certainly planning to take this campaign all the way to the White House.” Jones added, “Bill S. 6937 in New York State is a great start to 2018; it is a New Day for us. In these upcoming months, we will be heavily focused on how this glorious, moveable feast day set aside for Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is extremely important in the United States.”

As an individual citizen, there is no conflict whatsoever between the church and the state and the subsequent signing of the petition. It only shows The White House that real people are signing the petition to make Good Friday a national holiday in our USA. The Good Friday National Holiday Campaign seeks to establish Good Friday as a commemorative day in the United States of America.

We, the undersigned, seek to enshrine Good Friday as a Federal holiday under Title V of the United States Code (5 U.S.C, § 6103) due to its long-standing tradition in American culture and history.

Supporting and signing the New York Senate Bill S. 6937 takes only a few minutes, requiring backers to simply click on the following link:

More information can be found on the Good Friday National Holiday website at, or get in touch through

The Good Friday National Holiday Campaign is a 501(c) (4) non-charitable organization founded by Sharon Jones, a British, born and raised in the United Kingdom.

Media Contact:
Contact: Sharon Jones, GFNHC
January 26th, 2018


Sharon Jones
Good Friday National Holiday Campaign
212 731 4080
email us here

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New Traffic Signal Accident Analysis Program

John A. DeMarr, P.I.’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys; insurance companies; and, perhaps most importantly, to injured plaintiffs across California.

John A. DeMarr PI’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys, insurance companies, and to injured plaintiffs.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / — Orange County private investigator John A. DeMarr, P.I., has announced a new internal study of signalized intersections, of particular value in motor vehicle accident investigation. Using government and non-profit agency reports, DeMarr’s new study addresses the 1,000+ fatal accidents, and thousands more injury accidents, that occur every year.

“Our new study shows that most intersection accidents are caused by driver error, says DeMarr. “That primary cause is followed, in order by signal light failure, signal desynchronization, and finally, signal system failure to detect vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

“Nowadays,” reports DeMarr, “detection technology allows signal cycle lengths to be adjusted, to improve traffic flow and reduce wait times. The most modern systems rely on video detection, micro-wave sensors, infrared detectors, and similar micro-processor-controlled systems. But a single signalized intersection system can cost $100,000.00 or more to install. And they have to be maintained and repaired regularly.”

“Our new report results refine focus on analyzing the following, “ says DeMarr.

1. Driver error: People make mistakes driving. Driver behavior is the most important factor in analysis of intersection accidents. Inattentiveness causes more accidents. Distraction, especially texting and cellular telephone use, are major causes of driver errors at intersections.

2. Signal Light Failure: Intersection factors that can increase the frequency of driver errors include signal light failures. Most frequently, this can case a driver to run a red light. This can result from poor placement of traffic signal heads; poor lane alignment; complex traffic light phasing; environmental factors (including landscaping); and distractions in and around an intersection. The investigator seeking to understand how signals may have affected an accident has to consider all these factors, reports the Federal Highway Administration.

3. Signal Desynchronization: This can usually only be proven by analysis of electronic information obtained from the city, county or state governmental agency responsible for maintaining the intersection signal systems.

4. Signal System failure to detect vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians: This also can only be established by electronic information, surveillance cameras or interviewing witnesses.

“As I have noted before, good photographs of the scene of an accident, taken immediately thereafter, are CRUCIAL,” says DeMarr. “With most everyone having a mobile telephone nowadays, we see many cases where great photos were taken right after the accident. But interpreting the photographs is where a private investigator’s skill and experience come into play.”

Understanding and analyzing traffic signal systems can be the crucial element in establishing liability, in an intersection accident. You need an experienced private investigator to review all the evidence in your case, including obtain traffic signal maintenance information; statementize witnesses; take meaningful forensic photographs; recording and measuring tire and skid marks; and securing damaged vehicles for expert analysis.

About John A. DeMarr, P.I.: John A. DeMarr, P.I., has provided consistently innovative process service and private investigation services over 30 years of experience in California – always reasonably priced, always within the bounds of California law. Courts have upheld our service techniques, resulting in judgments, subpoena service and post-judgment enforcement results against deadbeat parents; defendants evading service of process; residents of gated communities; corporations and partnerships; and unfaithful spouses.

John A. DeMarr, PI’s new statewide traffic signal analysis program provides important new tools for attorneys; insurance companies; and, perhaps most importantly, to injured plaintiffs across California.

To learn more:

John DeMarr
John A DeMarr, P.I.
877 493 3463
email us here

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Lerner and Rowe's Tucson Law Firm Sponsors of 13th Annual Unsung Heroes Dinner & Awards Celebration

Lerner and Rowe are the presenting sponsors of the 13th Annual Unsung Heroes Dinner & Awards Celebration that honors Tucson law enforcement officers.

It’s our pleasure to support these officers that not only go out on a limb for us on a daily basis, but you choose to go above and beyond their normal call of duty to make our communities even better.”

— Kevin Rowe, ESQ.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2018 / — The Tucson personal injury and criminal defense law office of Lerner and Rowe are proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 13th Annual Unsung Heroes Dinner & Awards Celebration to be kicked off at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort . During the event local Tucson law enforcement officers will be honored for their dedication, commitment, and volunteer efforts within the community that go above and beyond their regular call of duty. Funds raised through event sponsorships and ticket sales will be used to support the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation (SALEF).

SALEF has been on a mission since 2003 to raise money for much needed life-saving training, equipment and technology for Tucson law enforcement officers. The Foundation also works closely with various Tucson law enforcement agencies to offer events and programs that are geared at engaging and bringing local community members together with local law enforcement officers you serve and protect them on a daily basis.

“Our local law enforcement officers have such a huge impact within our local communities. It’s our pleasure to acknowledge and support these men and women who not only go out on a limb for us on a daily basis, but you choose to go above and beyond their normal call of duty to make our communities even better,” said attorney Kevin Rowe.

An amazing highlight of the evening is the superior silent auction that will include a variety of items to bid on ranging from electronics to sporting event tickets to jewelry, apparel, and so much more!

For more details about the many community partners the Arizona law offices of Lerner and Rowe support in Tucson, visit

More about Lerner and Rowe

For additional information about Lerner and Rowe’s Tucson personal injury attorneys call (520) 977-1900. To learn more about the criminal defense and bankruptcy legal services offered by their partner law firm Lerner and Rowe Law Group, visit or call (602) 667-7777. Need help filing an application or appeal for Social Security benefits? Contact the law firms other legal partners at Social Security Disability Advocates by calling (602) 952-3200 or online at

To connect with the law firm socially, follow Lerner and Rowe on Twitter, or become a fan of their Facebook page.


Kevin Rowe, ESQ.
Lerner and Rowe, P.C.
(602) 977-1900
email us here

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Pharmaceutical pricing practices, competition law and parallel trade – SMi' Parallel Trade Conference

Parallel Trade Conference

Parallel Trade Conference

LONODON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 26, 2018 / — Parallel trade market dynamics are constantly changing. For example, changes in both trade regulations and intellectual property rights may affect the legality and prevalence of parallel trade, which in turn may impact the product market strategies of IP-intensive firms such as pharmaceutical manufacturers. Competition policy, in turn, may constrain how firms respond to parallel trade*

Flemming Wagner, CEO of ABACUS MEDICINE A/S has confirmed to speak at the SMi's Parallel Trade Conference this February

His presentation will be dedicated to Pharmaceutical pricing practices, competition law and parallel trade: What do recent antitrust abuses by pharmaceutical companies mean for parallel trade?
• Overview of key recent cases in UK and EC
• Main issues
• Regulatory context in which these have occurred
• What are the implications of these cases for parallel trade

Bristows – a law firm serving innovative companies and industry leaders around the world will be hosting an interactive workshop during the Parallel Trade Conference (8th February) on EU legal issues to be aware of in the context of parallel trade of pharmaceuticals. This workshop aims to address the issues that the pharmaceutical industry faces in protecting its IP rights and its distribution strategies whilst at the same time remaining on the right side of competition law; as well as exploring the regulatory requirements that the parallel traders will have to comply with.

More topics in discussion at the ONLY event on Parallel Trade!
Visit our website to view the programme and book your place

To sponsor or exhibit, contact Alia Malick on +44 (0)20 7827 6168
For delegate and group bookings contact Fateja Begum on +44 (0)20 7827 6184

Follow 'SMi Pharma' on LinkedIn and @SMIpharm on Twitter for latest pharmaceutical industry updates.

* Parallel trade in pharmaceuticals: firm responses and competition policy, Margaret K. Kyle

SMi's Parallel Trade Conference | 6- 7th February 2018 | London, UK

Lyudmyla Durneva
SMi Group
+44 (0) 207 827 6088
email us here

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