Candidate Alvin de Levie Demands Change And Transparency At PSU Board

Attorney Alvin de Levie in the Courtroom

Candidate Alvin de Levie announced his emphatic support of certain legislatures calls for transparency and accountability at Pennsylvania State University

We have put a dozen men on the moon and the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and live our lives, yet the PSU Board hasn’t changed with the times.”

— Alvin de Levie, Attorney


Alvin de Levie, an Alumni candidate for the Penn State Board of Trustees, has announced his support of the proposed legislation introduced yesterday by State Representatives Aaron Bernstine, Jim Christiana and John Maher to promote greater transparency and accountability in Pennsylvania’s state-related educational institutions, including Penn State.

Mr. de Levie hopes the introduction of legislation marks the beginning of what he believes is a long-overdue reorganization of the Board of Trustees. He said, “It’s been over 75 years since a real overhaul of the Board took place. Since then, we have put a dozen men on the moon and the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and live our lives, yet the Board hasn’t changed with the times.”

Mr. de Levie added, “Our students are entering into a rapidly changing world and will be looking for jobs in the new technological fields like robotics and the ever-changing fields of medicine and science. The Board must be prepared to lead now and in the future. I hope the Legislature will look to other Universities and study the best practices of their Boards, so we can construct a Board that is ready to lead in the modern world.”

Mr. de Levie said, “We have to consider whether the Board is constituted of members with the skill sets necessary to lead us through new developments in technology, medicine and science, to extend programs like the World Campus and to ready Penn State students for the challenges that lie ahead of them. I want the Legislature to provide for such voices in a newly reconstituted Board.”

For more information regarding candidate Alvin de Levie, please refer to Alvin de Levie for Board of Trustees on Facebook.

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