Attorney Anthony Marin Of New Mexico Discusses The Strangest Laws In The Country

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2018 / — As a lawyer, Anthony Marin has to be well versed on various legal issues in this country. Like most lawyers, he has come across clear-cut criminal cases, business litigation, family law, white collar crime, and more. However, he has also always held an interest in some of the strange laws that can be found in this country, wondering where they came from and why they are still in place.

22 Weird Laws in Cities and States, According to Anthony Marin

The list of laws that seem to have no place in today's society is almost endless. For Anthony Marin, they have become somewhat of a collection and his all-time favorite 22 strange laws, and where they are still in force, are:

1. In North Carolina, a bingo game may not last longer than five hours.
2. In Quitman, GA, a chicken is not allowed to cross the road.
3. In Arizona, cutting down a cactus could lead to a 25 year prison sentence.
4. In Paulding, OH, a police officer is within his rights to bite a dog if he believes this will help calm down the animal.
5. In Texas, it is prohibited to sell your own eyeballs.
6. In North Carolina, it is illegal for someone to sing off key.
7. In Rhode Island, it is illegal to sell a toothbrush and toothpaste to the same customer if it is a Sunday.
8. In Gainesville, GA, the only legal way to eat fried chicken is by using your hands.
9. In Utah, it is only illegal for cousins to marry if either is younger than 65.
10. In Minneapolis, MN, it is illegal for a red car to drive on Lake Street.
11. In Carrizozo, NM, a woman may not legally appear in public unshaven.
12. In Alabama, bear wrestling matches (organizing, spectating, or taking part in) are prohibited.
13. In Wyoming, it is illegal to photograph rabbits between January and April, unless you have received an official permit to do so.
14. In Washington, it is illegal to purchase any kind of meat on Sundays.
15. In Indiana, nobody is allowed to use public transport or attend a public event if they have consumed garlic and/or onions in the past four hours.
16. In San Antonio, TX, it is illegal to flirt.
17. In Idaho, a man is not allowed to give his fiancee a box of candy that weighs in excess of 50 lbs (22.5 kg).
18. In Washington, if a motorist has a criminal intention when entering the city, he is obliged by law to stop at the city limits and inform the chief of police of such intent by telephone before coming into the state.
19. In Arizona, if you are caught stealing soap, you are obliged by law to wash yourself until such time that the soap is totally consumed.
20. In Eureka, NV, anyone with a mustache is forbidden to kiss a woman.
21. In Waynesboro, VA, it is illegal for a woman to drive a vehicle in Main Street unless she is accompanied by her husband, who must walk ahead of the vehicle while waving a red flag.
22. In Washington, harassing Bigfoot can lead to an arrest and a fine.

Why These Laws Exist

According to Anthony Marin, although these laws may all be very funny and amusing, they must be there for a purpose. In many cases, the laws can indeed be traced back to some sort of event that led to a protest, often uncontested, which then resulted in a change of law. And, in most cases, the laws are still in place because removing or changing them takes too much time and money. Not just that, a lot of laws are worded in a certain way that may make them appear strange. One example is point 3, that it is illegal to cut down a cactus in Arizona and that doing so can result in a 25-year prison sentence. While technically correct, it is actually part of the overall tree preservation and nature conservation laws, which, if breached, can indeed lead to a hefty prison sentence.

At the same time, there are numerous very strange laws that are factually accurate and that cannot be misinterpreted. For instance, it is illegal to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant in Michigan. Whether or not many people have tried to do this, is unclear, but it is an absolute fact that it has a purpose.

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