Philadelphia Trucking Company Down $150,000 After Driver Carelessly Strikes Vehicle

Attorney Alvin de Levie in the Courtroom

The victim deserves justice after his life had been turned upside down without warning.”

— Alvin F de Levie, Esq.


On July 10, at approximately 4:20 pm, an innocent vehicle was hit while driving in the vicinity of Route 70 and Hampton Road in Borough of Merchantville Township of Cherry Hill, NJ. The victim was rear-ended at high speeds by the driver of a Philadelphia-based trucking company while making a delivery.

Seasoned personal injury attorney, Alvin de Levie, worked hard to receive justice for the victim of this motor vehicle accident, as he has done successfully for many others throughout his 40 practicing years. The victim sustained multiple injuries at the time of the crash, which has caused disruptions and monetary losses in his everyday life.

“I worked hard to achieve justice for my client,” de Levie said, “The victim deserves justice after his life had been turned upside down without warning.”

The victim suffered injuries including a ruptured eardrum, tinnitus, asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss, and noise-induced hearing loss. Some of these injuries may have a permanent effect on the victim.

The above multiple injuries have caused the victim to pay sums of money for medical attention and treatment. They have also prevented him from performing everyday tasks.

De Levie is always happy to help fight for his clients, so they receive the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.

The careless driver of the trucking company was driving at excessively high speeds at the time of the accident and failed to warn the victim of his inability to stop his vehicle. He was not maintaining a safe distance between his truck and the Plaintiff’s car, which caused the crash.

The negligence and carelessness of the employee of the Philadelphia-based trucking company caused this crash and disrupted an innocent person’s life.

De Levie said, “They need to take responsibility for their actions.”

The case settled for the sum of $150,000 due to the dedication and hard work of de Levie and his staff. The Philadelphia trucking company’s employee’s inadequate ability to control his vehicle has caused detrimental effects on another’s life and deserved to face the consequences.

Alvin F. de Levie is one of Pennsylvania’s premier catastrophic personal injury attorneys. With over 40 years experience, de Levie advocates for victims’ rights above all.

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