The UK Company LASTVERIFY LLP Introduces Reusable KYC/Remote Verification Solution

London, The UK: lastverify, a new tech startup, introducing an innovative KYC verification, to provide users with the ability to easily identify themselves.

LONDON, UK, August 18, 2018 / — London, The UK: lastverify, a new tech startup formed by founders of company group (, Blockchain Legal House and YIG — Yachten & Immobilien) is introducing an innovative form of digital-only KYC verification, designed to provide users with the ability to quickly and easily identify themselves online.

Know Your Customer (KYC) / AML Procedures — Growing Challenges In The Digital World

lastverify was developed in order to solve a common problem with our modern world — the need for individuals to be able to identify themselves safely and securely, using digital tools.

Today, client verification is often required for transactions at banks, and other businesses that are bound by KYC restrictions, under AML/CTF regulations.

This is where lastverify comes in. The lastverify product is a completely online-based, reusable KYC identification solution that allows individuals to safely and easily verify their identities.

The lastverify product is fully compliant with AML/CTF regulations and is designed to offer compliant identity verification at the unheard-of price point of under 1 Euro per verification or profile check.

Once a user creates a profile with lastverify and verifies its personal details, there is an opportunity to get verified on other websites, and with other service providers.

In the beginning, lastverify will be used to open bank accounts remotely, and there are many other use-cases for the product, such as helping freelancers verify their skills and references when searching for work, or verify the holding of a specific type of wealth, such as equities or cryptocurrencies.

In future, lastverify will also allow users to receive part of the revenue from data sharing.

lastverify conforms with GDPR and other similar regulations, allowing for tight control over personal data.

For more information about lastverify and their reusable KYC solution, visit the lastverify website online at Further press inquiries can be sent to

About lastverify: lastverify is an innovative tech company, dedicated to providing powerful identification solutions that are designed specifically for the digital age. Formed in 2018 by founders of company group (, Blockchain Legal House and YIG — Yachten & Immobilien). Incorporated in the UK and regulated by Information Commissioner’s Office.

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