One of a kind Website offers a one of a kind Rating System

Are Prosecutor's doing their job?”

— Deborah McGuire

N MYRTLE BEACH, SC, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — N Myrtle Beach, S.C – Fair Play Facts is not only a one of a kind Reference Website but the first of its kind to Incorporate a Rating System for the Public to Rate Prosecutors. It’s imperative that Prosecutions are properly prosecuted in Homicides, Fair Play Facts has developed a simple rating system, based on “Standard Protocol”.

The Companies purpose is to educate families of homicide with terminology and rights. “Are Prosecutors doing their job?” Says Deborah McGuire, Owner, Fair Play Facts. “I continuously hear horror stories of US Prosecutor’s not following Laws, why are we allowing this? These actions not only pertain to homicides yet also within other serious events as in the Epstein case”.

The purpose of the rating system is to focus on who’s doing their jobs and to give families a voice. With laws protecting Prosecutors from lawsuits for the actions or lack of, it’s evident this can lead to Prosecutor’s getting a false momentum of too much control or dishonest actions and in severe cases Constitutional Rights violations.

Fair Play Facts researched the requirements (process) for State Attorney’s & District Attorney’s after a homicide in preparing for Justice, referred to as “Standard Protocol” on the website. Families simply need to review standard Protocol, click on “Rating System”, rate their Prosecutor (s). Families must know case number, Prosecutors name, county and State. Very easy to rate those with such an important position. Fair Play Facts will have rating up with in 24 hours. Simple, important and necessary.

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