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Homeowners and building management companies have an obligation to maintain safe premises, and they can be held accountable if a dangerous condition causes someone to get injured on their property”

— Jonathan Sar, Leventhal Sar LLC

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2019 / — Slip and falls often occur as a result of negligent supervision and maintenance. Many people who suffer a fall do not realize that they may be eligible for compensation, let alone how they should proceed after being injured. The law firm of Leventhal Sar LLC evaluates slip and fall injury claims free of charge.

In addition to the free consultation, clients of the firm pay no fee unless the lawyers win a jury verdict or negotiate a settlement in their favor. This is called a contingency agreement.

“Many people hurt in a slip and fall initially chalk the incident up to clumsiness, but this is a dangerous assumption to make,” said Jonathan Sar, partner attorney and co-founder of Leventhal Sar LLC. “Homeowners and building management companies have an obligation to maintain safe premises, and they can be held accountable if a dangerous condition causes someone to get injured on their property.”

Slip and fall injury claims are tried under premises liability law and are often fiercely contested. This area of law establishes the obligations held by private and public property owners to provide visitors with safe entrance, exit, and access within buildings and on the grounds.

A host of factors can result in a slip and fall. The most common is spilled liquids and other substances that aren’t cleaned up in a thorough and timely manner. In Colorado’s cold weather, snow and ice formation – and the failure to remove it – also leads to a number of slip and falls each year. Other potential causes of slip and fall injuries include poor lighting; inadequate maintenance of floors, tiles, and carpets; uneven stairs; and weakened or missing handrails.

Broken bones and soft tissue damage are among the most common slip and fall injuries. This is especially true if victims try to catch themselves when they fall forward onto the ground. Other possible injuries include damage to the neck and back, spinal cord trauma, and brain injury.

Liability in slip and fall cases isn’t always immediately clear. Sean Leventhal, attorney and co-founder of Leventhal Sar LLC, said that it is very important to consult a lawyer, especially if the fall occurs on a public sidewalk.

“In Cherry Creek and Denver, we see clients who suffer falls on sidewalks who think they can sue the city, when in actuality the homeowner or business owner whose property is adjacent to the sidewalk is generally responsible for maintenance. Also, the law presents challenges for people who are injured as a result of naturally occurring conditions such as ice,” Leventhal said. “When you have the opportunity to consult an injury lawyer free of charge after a slip and fall, it is always in your best interest to see what they have to say.”


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