What’s Your Cost Containment Strategy?

Expense allocation software and expense management software

Cost containment is a key piece of operational excellence.

aXpire.com is offering cost containment webinars, starting on Wednesday, April 8th. Cost containment linkedin group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12385834/

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — aXpire, a leading expense allocation and expense allocation software provider, is offering cost containment webinars through the Hedge Fund Association (HFA), starting on Wednesday, April 8th.

aXpire.com, and its sister company LSG.com, have saved clients over $500 million on their invoices since 2004, and the latter is one of the few private, family-owned businesses left in the expense management software space. If you are generally curious about cost containment and want our ongoing updates, we are welcoming new members into our cost containment linkedin group.

Some of the questions to be discussed related to the funds industry include:

– What is the likely impact of this turmoil to our industry? Which players will be affected the most?
– Which areas of cost containment should businesses address?
– How can intelligent automation improve cost containment?
– Will FinTech spending continue?
– How can technology drive digital transformations that deliver cost containment objectives?
– Which areas of IT budgets will be preserved for cost containment?

In this series of webinars, we will explore how leveraging technology can drive digital transformations for the organization in order to achieve its cost containment and cost cutting goals. By implementing gamification, intuitive data analytics, removing outdated processes and human/manual workflows, technology can help improve the bottom line result. Optimizing the operating models is key to successfully containing costs.One potent example is ditaction, which is incorporated into our legal billing software platform, Bilr. With this tool, we are able to accurately interpret audio from lawyers speaking into their mobile phones, for <$1/hour, far cheaper and faster than even minimum wage equivalents.

aXpire is renowned as a provider of low cost, flat rate expense allocation software and expense management software for hedge funds, private equity funds, accounting firms and fund administrators. In the company’s opinion, if you’re paying your software vendors a percentage of your spend, you’re overpaying! If cost containment, expense management, claims management, matter management, vendor spend or anything related to costs is important to your business.

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