KST's Orna Announces New Private Sector Data Sharing

Kerkton Security Technologies LLC

Kerkton Security Technologies releases new data sharing capabilities for Orna, its private security and public safety software.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Orna software development team announced the release of private data sharing capabilities in the security and public safety industry for those operating Orna.

Data sharing will allow companies and agencies using Orna to share information so dispatchers and field personnel can access more valuable information. This update is an addition to the latest release, "Company Link", allowing agencies to outsource their dispatch requirements.

Government agencies have data sharing capabilities through services such as the FBI's NCIC and CJIS allowing Law Enforcement Agencies to view data from across the nation. The private industry has limited capabilities when it comes to sharing or searching information related to suspects they come in contact with. Now with Orna, the private sector will have the same capabilities to build their own networks of information.

Patriot Eye GSOC, located in San Antonio Texas, who provides public safety dispatch services and also collects incident data from the security industry will use Orna to build a private database available to their clients. With a single source of data available, clients such as bail enforcement, fugitive recovery agencies and private security firms will benefit the most from this initiative. As bail agents work closely with one another, they'll have access to the same source of information that is accessible from any internet connected device.

"Our launch of the National Public Safety Database (NPSD), and partnership with Kerkton, allows us the opportunity to bring the private sector a level of data sharing and intelligence capabilities, that will potentially rise to the equivalent of government sector databases such as NCIC"
-Zachary Rice, CEO and Founder of Patriot Eye GSOC

The team working on Orna wants to increase the opportunity for companies to share information with others. By adding data sharing to the current platform, it will allow the private sector to produce more valuable intelligence and analysis of areas with high incident rates. Access to information is only authorized through the use of Company Link.

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Source: EIN Presswire