Aaron Schlossberg Attorney Discusses the Most Common Kinds of Contract Disputes

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney on the Most Common Kinds of Contract Disputes

NEW YORK , NY, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Unnecessary losses and expenditures shouldn't always be written off as another cost of doing business. Many times, these issues are associated with a contract dispute, and the affected party doesn't need to simply stand idly by while they lose an amount of money, no matter how small or large. Aaron Schlossberg attorney recently discussed the most common kinds of contract disputes among businesses and their customers.

Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that commercial lease contracts are often a cause of dispute. This is because the owner of the building and the owner of the business renting the space may disagree on a number of issues, such as the raising of rent, the type of business that can be conducted on the property, and more. Aaron Schlossberg explained that this type of contract dispute can be best prevented by both parties meeting with qualified lawyers to fully understand the contract prior to signing.

"Another major contract dispute among businesses and their employees is that of non-compete agreements," Aaron Schlossberg attorney said. "An employee may sign a non-compete agreement, but they may not be fully considering that they may want to leave that employer in the future and find another position at a competing company."

Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that non-compete agreements often state that, when an employee leaves the employer, he or she can not work for a competitor for a defined number of years. Non-compete agreements can be difficult to understand, as a "competitor" is not a phrase that is always easily defined. This is where many disputes arise.

"Consumer contract disputes are also more common than some everyday consumers think," Aaron Schlossberg attorney said. "Guarantees and warranties can be more convoluted than first expected, and this can result in major disputes, lawsuits, and a generally bad taste in the consumer's mouth."
Many times, a company will sell a product that is not as defined or that injures a consumer. Or, they will fail to honor a warranty. However, they may have these potential hazards or policies defined in fine print. Aaron Schlossberg attorney explained that these disputes are extremely common, as many companies have complicated warranty and refund policies that appear beneficial for consumers, but in actuality, do not cover what is expected.
"Consumer contract disputes are some of the most interesting, because often the consumer is not actually signing a formal contract. They don't know they're abiding by the rules of the company or fine print when they make a purchase," Aaron Schlossberg attorney said.

Aaron Schlossberg attorney finished by stating that whether you're dealing with a consumer contract, non-compete agreement, or commercial lease agreement, it is best to hire a qualified attorney. He explained that contracts and other agreements are often more convoluted than everyday employees, business owners, or consumers think. Aaron Schlossberg attorney has continuously been praised for his ability to solve contract disputes and is one of the most qualified attorneys in New York in this field.

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