Villarreal Law Firm, a Leading Team of Accident Attorneys in Brownsville, Announces New Post on Holiday Accident Issues

Car Wreck Lawyers Serving Harlingen, Texas

The Villarreal Law Firm is proud to announce a new post on the increase in car and truck accidents during the holiday season.

We love the holidays and the fun blend of cultures here in Brownsville that makes holiday a very special time for families here in the valley.”

— Javier Villarreal

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / — The Villarreal Law Firm a team of best-in-class accident lawyers working in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding areas in Cameron County, is proud to announce a new post on the increase in car and truck accidents during the holiday season. As the post explains, some of the “holiday rush” results in more traffic, and more traffic results in more accidents on the roads of Brownsville Texas and nearby cities.

“We love the holidays and the fun blend of cultures here in Brownsville that makes holiday a very special time for families here in the valley,” explained attorney Javier Villarreal, a managing partner at the Villarreal law firm. “Unfortunately, the holiday season brings with it a vast increase in traffic. Even trucking accidents seem to increase during the holidays and especially during inclement weather.”

Interested persons can learn more at The page is almost a “public service announcement” helping to alert Brownsville residents to slow down, stay safe, and if they are in a car or accident attorney, to potentially reach out to an accident attorney. Indeed, those who speak Spanish can check out the information page at That page has a wealth of information for Spanish speakers about finding an accident attorney, one who not only speaks Spanish but also seeks to be the best accident attorney in Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley.


Here is background on this release. The holidays are a special time in and around Brownsville. Families get together and share traditions of both Mexico and the United States. Brownsville’s blending of many cultures comes to the fore. Unfortunately, the holidays are also a time of increased traffic. Trucks pour over the border as traffic between the United States and Mexico increases. That means more trucking accidents, especially in and around Harlingen and Valley International Airport. Indeed, the law firm even has a special information page on trucking accidents and the need to find a best-in-class attorney at Regardless of whether or not it’s a truck or car accident, the new content explains that each person has rights and the best course of action is to reach out to an accident attorney for potential representation.


The law firm of Javier Villarreal offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys near Harlingen, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County. Whether a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with broad experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers), or a lawyer for injuries that resulted from a motorcycle, boating, or other forms of accidents (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Cameron County – and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Brownsville and Harlingen, from Los Fresnos to San Benito, and in all of South Padre Island.

Tel. 956-544-4444

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Vocational Evaluation Experts for Personal Injury Lawyers

Vocational Evaluation for Personal Injury Cases

OAS, Inc.

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — When an accident or serious injury happens, the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. OAS assists in objectively documenting the economic damages in a personal injury case.

OAS Specializes in evaluating seriously injured individuals in Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Motor Vehicle Accident, and Slip and Fall cases. A vocational evaluation is necessary in personal injury cases where an individual’s injury has affected the persons’ ability to go back and perform the same type of work, or to perform work activity that requires less physical demands.

A loss of earning capacity and household services assessment is also provided in Wrongful Death cases. A Life Care Plan is necessary to document damages in cases where the client has sustained Catastrophic Injuries.

An Occupational Assessment Services (OAS) Vocational Evaluation or Life Care Plan enables the personal injury attorney to present the damages to the jury in a clear, concise, and demonstrative manner.

Contact OAS at 1-800-292-1919 and hire us as your vocational evaluation and life care plan expert. Occupational Assessment Services has been performing forensic evaluations in matrimonial cases for over 44 years. Our work has led to greater documentation of the earnings of underemployed, unemployed, and disabled spouses in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida areas.

“Know the Value of Your Case!™”


Edmond Provder
Occupational Assessment Services
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Texas Size Hailstorm Crushes Conroe

Client gets a new roof

Client gets a new roof

The practice of denying homeowners insurance claims due to manufacturing defects comes to light.

CONROE, TX, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Hail damage is the number one cause of property damage in the US. In 2019-2020 alone the State of Texas has seen more claims related to hail than most states. Severe property damage occurs when a dangerous storm strikes a highly-populated area with hail larger than an inch or more in diameter. Baseball-sized hail (3.5 inches across) is a common occurrence in the Lone Star State and creates devastation in our communities.

On March 18th, 2018, a major hailstorm blew through Montgomery County, impacting Conroe and the surrounding areas. Our client, an 80-year-old retiree, witnessed extensive hail damage to his roof. As the original owner of the home, built in 2006, our client never imagined that he would have to eventually have to face down a hailstorm-homeowner insurance claim. Relying on his faith as a long-term customer with Safeco insurance (12 + years), he filled a hailstorm insurance claim and to his shock, the claim was denied. At that point he knew, he’d be facing down the insurance company in an effort to cover his losses.

The insurance company sent three different inspectors to review the property damage. Each one ended up blaming the manufacturer of the shingles on the roof, calling the product defective. Ironically, these were the same shingles that had been on the house since it was built. The very same shingles Safeco insured the home with and routinely collected a premium from our client on. Next, the insurer would deploy extensive stalling and delay tactics to keep from paying our client's insurance claim. Shortly thereafter, fed up and frustrated, our client hired us to pursue the insurer.

Our team of engineers independently reviewed the property damage and determined the roof damage was not due to defective shingles, but actual storm damage. A series of depositions would cast the case in a new light. With the case set to go to trial and the insurer finally realizing the errors of their ways and the poor treatment of our client and his terminally ill spouse (who passed away during the pendency of the case), the insurance company chose to settle the case. This meant that our client would receive the funds necessary to have a new roof installed on his home.

The Law of Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Homeowners that do not file within the statute of limitations can miss the chance to recover their losses, indefinitely. This timeframe is often two years from the date of the incident, even though a case-by-case or a policy-by-policy analysis of the statute of limitations is required.

Our expert attorneys have seen thousands of cases where insurance companies have delayed, underpaid, or simply denied the legitimate claims of the policyholders they insure causing an unfathomable amount of emotional and financial damage. In Texas, this is an illegal practice and insurance companies can be held liable for acting in bad faith. Insurance companies participating in these illegal activities can be sued for up to three times the damages reflected in the insurance claim.

Texas Hail Damage Attorneys

Has your homeowner’s insurance claim been denied? We can help. Representing thousands of homeowners against big insurance companies, our home insurance claims attorneys aggressively protect the rights of the policyholder. Our consultations are free and you owe us nothing until we win your case. Contact us today.

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4 Tips for being a more effective public speaker

Attorney Schlossberg on being a more effective public speaker

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , December 31, 2020 / — Aaron Schlossberg is an attorney that advises professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Aaron Schlossberg attorney has an established track record of providing excellent service to those in the NYC area, as well as those abroad. As a part of his job, Aaron Schlossberg attorney has become a quite skilled public speaker. As such, he possesses a wealth of knowledge which he enjoys giving to anyone who may need to engage in public speaking in the professional sector. With that in mind, here is a list of 4 tips for being a more effective public speaker according to Aaron Schlossberg.

Practice makes perfect

Although it is not always possible, according to Aaron Schlossberg, taking the time to practice is one of the best things anyone can do to be a more effective public speaker. By practicing the speech or presentation beforehand, gives people a chance to work out the kinks and make changes, and perhaps most importantly, it allows them to memorize all or part of the speech. This makes it much easier when it comes time to actually say those things in public.

Be engaging

While it can be a tad intimidating, engaging with the audience is one of the best ways to ensure the message is heard. Asking questions, telling a few jokes, using specific people as examples, etc. all adds to the overall effectiveness of the message being spoken.

Body language is key

Next, Aaron Schlossberg asserts that body language also plays a major role in how the message is received. For instance, it is important to stand up straight, look people in the eye, smile, etc. These are all signs that the speaker is confident and providing useful information.

Address the nerves

Lastly, according to Aaron Schlossberg, for most people, being nervous before speaking publicly is a given. As such, anyone who is engaged in public speaking may want to do their best to calm their nerves. No matter if this involves listening to calming music, deep breathing techniques, or something else that works, taking the time to calm those nerves can work wonders.

About Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg is a professional who helps people from all walks of life find the best methods of getting ahead in the business world. Anyone who is interested in upgrading their brands or businesses should contact him today.

The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C.

243 West 60th Street, Unit 8C

New York, New York 10023

P: 646-698-8752

F: 646-219-0392

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Construction Dispute Attorneys Stuart, Martin County


crary buchanan logo

STUART, FLORIDA, USA, December 31, 2020 / — Disputes between contractors, construction companies, or other parties are common. Although common, these disputes often involve a number of complexes, time-consuming, and costly factors that can threaten the interests of the parties involved. At Crary Buchanan, our Stuart, Martin County lawyers have experience resolving a range of disputes for our clients, including contract disputes, construction delays, nonpayment, or problems with construction materials or sites.

If you represent a construction company, are a contractor, or are involved in some way in a construction dispute, our legal team is available to help review your case to determine how we may be of assistance.

Our Commitment To You

For more than [ExactYears] years, our firm has helped accident victims and can help you too. We want to prove to you that quality does not have to come at a high price. Not only do we have the experience of board-certified attorneys on our side, but we have also been AV® rated for quality and legal professionalism. If you sustained an injury, do not wait before you seek the help of a personal injury lawyer at Crary Buchanan. You have nothing to lose, so contact our office today and schedule your initial consultation.

Our clients are more than case numbers; they are people. We recognize that you are an individual with unique needs and expectations. Our team is here to meet your need and exceed your expectations. When you work with us, you can have confidence that a caring legal advocate is on your side.

What We Can Do

Construction projects can be complex, which is why disputes are often challenging to resolve without a lawyer. Our attorneys understand the many components that must fit and work together – such as materials, tools, equipment, and large numbers of workers and personnel – and we are committed to keeping these factors in mind when advocating on behalf of our clients.

When clients are facing construction disputes, we closely evaluate their case to determine their available options and the most appropriate plan of action, which may include, among others:

1. Mediation

Because of the high costs involved in resolving conflicts through litigation, more companies are turning to mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process by which all parties involved in an attempt to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. During this process, a mediator comes in and acts as an unbiased, third-party who advises and helps parties come to some sort of solution or agreement. The idea is to find a middle ground solution that is beneficial for everyone. It is not meant to be a win or loss situation. Such a process can be highly beneficial for all involved as there is more control throughout the discussions and costs are kept low.

2. Arbitration

In order to avoid going to court, most construction contracts will include a measure for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Arbitration is one form of ADR. This form of conflict resolution allows the parties involved to pick an arbitrator who specializes in the specific issue at hand to come in and listen to the problem and provide a solution. There may be one arbitrator or an entire panel of arbitrators depending on the complexity of the issue. The benefit of using this method is that the professionals who arbitrate the conflict will receive full knowledge of the problem as well as already having expertise in the area, whereby a judge will only have limited knowledge of the technical side.

Construction Dispute Mediation Attorneys Stuart, Martin County

1. The Process

Mediation is a process during which all parties involved in a construction dispute come together with a third-party, impartial mediator and negotiate a resolution to the disagreement. The mediator helps the parties come to an agreement that is beneficial for everyone involved. Many companies prefer this method because they are able to control, and therefore reduce, risk and cost. More traditional methods will place control in the hands of a judge or an arbitrator.

This method keeps control in the hands of the disputants. It also increases the likelihood that the agreement will actually be carried out. Because the outcome will most likely be agreeable to everyone—as they had a direct hand in the process—those involved are often more willing to cooperate. If a judge makes the decision and one side clearly receives a better deal, it is likely that the other party will refuse to comply. As long as an issue would normally be subject to arbitration, it can go through the mediation process.

2. The Mediator

The mediator holds a vital role in the mediation process. Often the first problem a mediator will have to face is strong emotions. There is a good chance that whatever the disagreement is, it has brought anger and a high level of energy and emotion along with it. The mediator role is often filled by an attorney or other legal professional who is familiar with construction disputes. It is important that this individual is an unbiased and neutral participant who oversees the process, defuses tense situations, and offers compromises that are advantageous for all parties. They must continually remind everyone involved that a compromise will be better and cheaper than what will most likely come from a lawsuit.

When the mediation procedure begins, the mediator will have everyone gather together in a neutral environment. Each party will state the problem so that all the issues are out in the open. The mediator will then ask questions to gather all important and relevant information. It is the mediator’s duty to identify the problem throughout the conversation. It is important that common goals are found and a middle ground is reached. Once all the problems are identified, the bargaining process can begin so that an agreement can be reached. Often the mediator will offer a proposal and give the parties an opportunity to modify it. The discussions will continue until a final solution has been reached.

3. Looking for a solution?

If you are looking for a solution to your construction dispute that does not involve costly litigation, speak with Crary Buchanan to learn more about your available options, including mediation. Our law firm is well versed in Florida’s construction laws and we can offer our guidance throughout the mediation process.

To learn more about resolving a construction dispute through mediation, contact our Stuart, Martin County construction dispute attorneys at 772-287-2600 today.


James W. Menendez
Crary Buchanan
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Law Student Menos Hiras to Upgrade Highly Successful Blog for Law Students

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — A popular new blog site by law student Menos Hiras, which features proven tips for effectively navigating law school, has garnered higher-than-expected online rankings and will thus undergo a full revamping in 2021.

The blog website can be accessed at Menos Hiras said that after the website was launched in early 2020, its performance immediately exceeded expectations. The website earned three times the traffic initially anticipated and ranked high in search engine page results for multiple keywords. Due to the website’s success, Hiras has decided to upgrade the website to make it even more intuitive for his fans. Version 2.0 of the site will be ready for release early in 2021, according to Hiras.

Hiras said he initially created the website’s content and blogs to help aspiring lawyers to successfully apply for law school and then complete their law school coursework with confidence. Months after the website’s launch, he decided to further add value to the website by introducing informational videos to the site to complement the site’s existing content.

Through the website’s Web pages, blogs, and videos, readers can learn how to master law school interviews and write winning admission statements, for example. They can also learn how to showcase their most noteworthy academic achievements, as well as how to secure influential recommendation letters.

The website additionally outlines the challenges that come with being a law school student. For instance, Hiras explains that instructors generally use the Socratic method when facilitating lectures, rather than delivering traditional professor-led lectures. He also highlights the fact that new law school students must quickly learn the legal jargon used in their classes, which can be overwhelming.

Menos Hiras emphasized that Version 2.0 of the website will continue to offer helpful tips for law school students but will be easier for users to navigate, thus elevating the user experience even more in 2021.

Menos Hiras
Menos Hiras
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GJC Law Nominated as Finalist Matrimonial and Family Law Firm for 2020 at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2020

ms gloria james

Ms. Gloria James

Singapore Family Law Firm Gloria James-Civetta & Co has announced that they were nominated as finalists at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards for 2020.

We are proud to be consistently recognized by such a prestigious award.”

— Gloria James-Civetta

SINGAPORE, December 31, 2020 / — Singapore Family Law Firm Gloria James-Civetta & Co has announced that they were nominated as finalists at the ALB SE Asia Law Awards for 2020.

These awards pay tribute to the outstanding performance of private practitioners across the Southeast Asia region.

This recognition reflects the high level of respect the firm has earned over the past ten years and just reward for our team members for their outstanding dedication and commitment to our clients.

Founding Lawyer, Ms. Gloria James is an appointed;

– Collaborative Family Practitioner
– Child Representative Lawyer
– Associate Mediator
– Family Mediator

Areas of Family Law representation:

• Division of Assets
• Spousal maintenance
• Annulment
• Child Issues (Custody & Support)
• Collaborative Divorce Process (CFP)
• Prenuptial Agreements
• Marital/Postnuptial Agreements Deed of Separation
• Personal protection orders (PPO) and,
• International Divorce

Singapore Divorce lawyer Blog

The Singapore Divorce lawyer Blog-site, created by Gloria James-Civetta & Co, is a rich library of articles containing practical information on the Singapore Divorce Process.

The site contains over 250 informative blogs that will help inform and improve knowledge on how the Singapore divorce process works and issues you are likely to face.

Free 30 Minutes Consultation on Divorce Matters:

GJC Lawyers will help you to see the larger picture, guide you through the divorce process, and help minimize the impact that it will have on you and your family. Our Specialist Divorce Lawyers will provide you with expert advice so that you can make informed decisions.

Gustavo Civetta
Gloria James-Civetta & Co
+65 6337 0469
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Contratación en origen de una empleada de hogar interna – CasaLista mantiene los servicios

Empleadas de hogar internas seleccionadas en origen jugando con niños

Empleadas de hogar internas seleccionadas en origen

Logo de Intermediación Laboral CasaLista

Logo de Intermediación Laboral CasaLista

ver la entrevista de Denise F. Magalhaes - Directora de Operaciones y responsable de reclutamiento

Denise F. Magalhaes – Directora de Operaciones y responsable de reclutamiento

Mediante este sistema, iniciado por CasaLista en 2005, los clientes de CasaLista pueden contratar excelentes empleadas de hogar internas filipinas o peruanas

La selección en origen de empleadas de hogar, filipinas o peruanas, es también una solución para aquellas familias con dificultades para contratar empleadas internas locales”

— Denise F. Magalhaes

MADRID, SPAIN, December 31, 2020 / — Mediante este sistema de selección, iniciado por CasaLista en 2005, los clientes de CasaLista pueden contratar excelentes empleadas de hogar internas filipinas o peruanas por el salario mínimo interprofesional durante los primeros años de contrato.

Debido a la elevada demanda de este servicio, el pasado mes de noviembre, CasaLista se quedó sin candidatas disponibles para selección en origen, pero ahora nos complace comunicar que CasaLista cuenta con nuevas candidatas disponibles, preseleccionadas para nuestros clientes.

La selección en origen de empleadas de hogar, filipinas o peruanas, es también una solución para aquellas familias con dificultades para contratar empleadas internas locales debido a circunstancias que, en ocasiones, las ahuyentan como son: convivencia con mascotas, vivienda muy grande y/o alejada del centro ciudad o familias numerosas.

Además de posibilitar la contratación de una interna en lugares donde resulta imposible tratar de contratar personal local, la selección de empleadas de hogar internas en origen genera relaciones laborales más estables, con menor rotación, comparada con la selección entre candidatas locales.

Las candidatas que selecciona la agencia de empleadas de hogar, CasaLista son de Perú y Filipinas, dos países con los que España mantiene acuerdos bilaterales en materia de empleo.

Las empleadas de hogar de Perú tienen entre 35 y 50 años, cuentan con al menos 5 años de experiencia como empleadas de hogar internas, generalmente en Perú o Chile.

Las empleadas de servicio doméstico de Filipinas suelen ser más jóvenes, de entre 23 y 35 años, con estudios secundarios, o formación profesional, algunas de ellas cuentan con experiencia como empleada de hogar o niñera en Filipinas, Singapur o Hong Kong.

Muchos de los clientes de CasaLista escogen empleadas filipinas, por el idioma inglés, ya que todos los filipinos hablan inglés, lengua cooficial en Filipinas, y así acostumbrar a los niños al uso del inglés en la vida cotidiana.

Trámites y plazos de contratación

El procedimiento de contratación y autorización que efectúa la agencia de servicio doméstico, CasaLista de la empleada de hogar interna peruana dura unas 10 semanas en Madrid, desde la solicitud del permiso hasta que ésta se incorpora al trabajo en el domicilio del cliente. Este plazo suele ser más breve en las provincias. En Galicia, Asturias Santander, por ejemplo, los plazos de concesión de permisos de residencia y trabajo están durando aproximadamente la mitad que en Madrid.

La tramitación de las empleadas de hogar internas filipinas es más larga, debido a los plazos de cita para conseguir el visado en el Consulado de España en Manila. En total suelen ser unas 16 semanas de tramitación.

Por la emisión del permiso de trabajo de la empleada del hogar filipina, o peruana, el cliente deberá abonar a la Delegación del Gobierno una tasa administrativa de 220 €.

CasaLista se encarga de facilitar a los interesados toda la documentación necesaria para los trámites, y les asistirá a lo largo del procedimiento administrativo.

Planificación: ¿Cuándo se incorporará la empleada de hogar?

La agencia de empleadas de hogar de CasaLista le confirmará la fecha en la que la empleada de hogar filipina o peruana llega a España, con unos 15 días de antelación a su incorporación.

En todos los casos, CasaLista recoge a la trabajadora en el aeropuerto y, cuando es preciso, les proporciona un alojamiento, asistiéndola hasta el momento de su incorporación al trabajo.

Experiencia y resultados

En 2005 CasaLista comenzó su Programa de Contratación de Empleadas de Hogar en Origen, y desde entonces ha tramitado con éxito más de 700 permisos de residencia y trabajo para empleadas de hogar filipinas y peruanas, con excelentes resultados, en la inmensa mayoría de los casos, las trabajadoras han permanecido en sus trabajos durante largos años, a plena satisfacción de la familia empleadora.

En caso de dudas los interesados pueden ver la entrevista de Denise F. Magalhaes – Directora de Operaciones y responsable de reclutamiento, donde explica el servicio y responde a las preguntas más comunes. También pueden acceder directamente a la página web, “Empleadas de hogar internas seleccionadas en origen”, y solicitar un presupuesto o llamar directamente al teléfono +34-915 594 177.

Fundada en 2002 y desde entonces CasaLista ha trabajado con éxito para más de 5.000 familias de Madrid y la Unión Europea.

CasaLista con el objetivo de ser la mejor agencia de Servicio Doméstico que sus clientes pudieran encontrar. Para ello, ofrecen una atención eficaz y amable, presenta las mejores candidatas para cada perfil, realiza una intermediación honesta, transparente y con la máxima implicación profesional en cada gestión, con garantía de legalidad durante el proceso de contratación y con plena seguridad jurídica en la futura relación laboral de sus clientes con la nueva empleada doméstica.

Para más información, puede acceder a su web,

Denise F. Magalhaes
Intermediación Laboral CasaLista, S.L
+34 915 59 41 77
email us here
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Agencia de servicio doméstico y empleadas del hogar online/ Servicio doméstico interno Madrid

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Courts Receive Wrong Facts Causing Major Errors In Divorce Case, San Mateo CA Superior Courts, Per Pubic Records

Court Orders Made For Two Related Cases With Out-of-Date Property Deeds From Husband Leave Wife Facing An Incorrect Trial

FOSTER CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 30, 2020 / — ***Two fully related cases in San Mateo, California Superior Courts are using wrong facts and out-of-date property deeds, provided by a husband's attorney to the court, claiming they are current and correct. See FAM0126331. The husband of this 20-year marriage and his attorney also do not file a full list of marital assets, disclosures, values or income, as required. Facts in the declarations they make do not match the evidence they file. Instead, the husband and his attorney focus on the couple's two real estate properties owned throughout the marriage, claiming he should receive all property value, because the wife is trying to "steal" his share. It's not clear how this would be possible. Properties owned as Joint, as the husband's attorney claims in filings and in court, require each person to receive a 50% share, by law, unless there's evidence to show a separate share. The wife filed evidence asking for reimbursement of her large and separate down payment, per a Purchase Agreement and Title Report for their home in Foster City, California. But, the husband's attorney accuses the wife of using all false documents throughout the case, so that none of her evidence is accepted. Otherwise, properties are owned as Tenants-In-Common, which they were according to the public deeds filed by the husband for both properties. Then, the separate shares and their values have to be determined with evidence, and confirmed by the court. This wasn't done.

Instead, the husband denied his deed changes, and Trusts that held their separate shares. Therefore, the courts used incorrect facts for all rulings made at, and since an October 2016 trial for the same. This makes the court orders void of legal authority. Still, all court orders were carried out, primarily by the husband's attorney, and during the Mandatory Stays of three, First District Court of Appeals cases in California. In addition, all judges of San Mateo Superior Court are recused on the same matters due to bias and conflicts of interest, primarily from the incorrect facts supplied and still in use today. Based on the incorrect information, the husband, a successful career CFO, received almost all real estate and value, investments, income and assets from the marriage, then retired four years early living in a paid-off home. The wife left the marriage without real estate or much else, and without Spousal Support income to quality for a rental property as of 2021, while she faces a major trial for the property she lost.

The trial charges came from the husband's attorney claiming the wife tried to use her recovered name to "attempt" to steal his share of property. The wife used this name starting several years before the divorce, per evidence. The marriage was determined as putative or legally correct, and the couple stipulated they paid for the properties with community funds throughout the marriage. Therefore, her name would not be relevant. However, these accusations caused the courts to leave the wife without a legal name, unable to take a job, earn income, get a Federal ID or open a bank account. As of this press release, the cases continue in 2021 using the incorrect facts and out-of-date records, without corrections.

Princess Leia Lucas
PL Lucas® Foundations, PL Lucas® Education
+1 650-349-8384
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How Will President Trump and Vice President Pence Finish Office

3 more steps left to being Promise Keepers 1. Confess Error; 2. Admit liability; 3. Do equity and pay damages

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, December 30, 2020 / — The Constitution Matters

Come to Jesus, Inc.™ a new South Dakota Foundation in Good Standing today announces its first and second projects with the Bible and Christian music Even though not done by Christmas, to ask a sitting American President, who did not cause the problems, to carry out steps 1, 2, 3 to deliver long-overdue equity to Diane S. Twedt Blodgett before January 15. Based on the Federal Judicial Center analysis of equity rights under the United States Constitution, art. III, sect. 2, clause 1.>history>courts>jurisdiction-equity And the Petition for Cert. Diane S. Twedt Blodgett filed with Tom Lingenfelter July 17, 2020.>Docket.PDF>Case>20-80. Petition denied October 6, 2020. And on the details in this Release to expedite approval by the White House and Acting A. G. Jeff Rosen. Equity now will also set the table for President Trump or President Biden's Administration to compensate the other intended beneficiaries listed within the Petition, on pages iii – iv like ABP Pensions of the Netherlands, Institutional Investor, Michael Bloomberg, and other ERISA beneficiaries whom the Petition documents the US Government never informed of their claims.

Reporting On The Public Record

This release is reporting on the public record from Case 20-80 already available off Google.

Facts Matter

The Petition, not contested by the Solicitor General, states claims under equity (p.10). That for 29 years in these matters the DOJ/FTC adopted facts that were false and then courts applied the wrong law as affirmative defenses (pp. 11 – 15). During the past 29 years many legal opinions, and much false reporting issued. (pp. iv – v) The DOJ said there was "no contract" and thus no damages, and because there was no contract no intended third-party beneficiaries (no pp. iii – iv). They also said the 'complaints' were filed too late, and thus outside the six-year statute of limitations. And even if there was a contract, all the claims for damages or takings were "waived".).
The uncontested Petition confirms the opposite.

The Petition Claims Equity

Page 10 of the Petition claims equity. App 89 and pp. 17, 26 – 27 show the original Complaint was filed December 16, 1994. Under Henderson v. US, 517 US 654 (n's 2 & 4 1996) federal service is complete when delivered and accepted by the clerk. The original Complaint and the 2017 Motion to reopen the 1994 complaint were never too late (pp. 26 – 27).

There Was a February 18, 1992 Contract

That was a bilateral Contract: The Judge in CLARIFYING ORDER said so April 23, 1992 about this Contract in Case 4-91-638 (App 68). Mr. and Mrs. Blodgett paid over to the FTC $38,046,524 in personal assets to obtain the signed Contract with its promises from the FTC. (p. 30 App 84, 96) Prior Supreme Court rulings in FTC settlement cases were precedent: US v. ITT Cont. Baking (1974) (pp. 5, 7, 14, 22). Prior and subsequent rulings agreed: SEC v. Levine (2nd Circuit 1989) (pp. 7, 14, 22); VanDesande v. US (Fed. Cir. 2012) (discussing the 1994 Blodgett/Lingenfelter case) (p. 17); Cunningham v. US (Fed. Cir. 2014). Thus there were Contract rights to claim damages and also protect the persons or entities listed pp. iii – iv.

No Waiver Was Enforceable

Waiver provisions that were in the bilateral contract were "unenforceable" because FTC misconduct (pp. 4 – 5, AMG v. FTC oral argument January 13, 2021) undermined any waiver (Petition p. 16, per 200 years of unbroken Supreme Court precedent) and the $38,046,524 Blodgett’s paid over, as calculated by the FTC was itself a "taking" (App 86, pp. 15, 26, 34, Lynch v. US (1934), Ladd v. US, (Fed. Cir. 2010) Horne v. Dept. of Agric. (2015)).

Much Ink and Many Trees

The FTC, DOJ and IRS falsely obtained many court opinions, and issued press releases, or found reporters determined to ridicule, slander, cast doubt upon one or both of the Blodgett’s, or Mr. Lingenfelter many of which pop up to this day.

The Petition finally exposes this tactic here, described as the "presumption of regularity" on p. 25. No matter or even because they had to work so hard to cover-up their schemes (pp. 23 – 25) which finally have been confessed, now including at the Supreme Court. (p. 6, 7, 10, App 73 – 74)
Finally After 29 Years This Is No Coincidence

Finally now at the Supreme Court in Case 20-80 neither the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") or the Department of Justice ("DOJ"), or the Solicitor General contested equity (p. 10). Or any of the facts, claims or law detailed in the Petition, including confessed actual FTC/DOJ conspiracy (App 72, 73 – 76).
According to the Federal Judicial Center, that sets the stage for equity under the Constitution.

Jesus Matters

CEO Michael W. Blodgett, says "The authority and duty to do equity is in the Bible 22 times. That is a special interest of the Foundation."

Other Claimants

The Petition documents on pp. iii – iv other well-known potential claimants in this matter. But for them to 'win' Diane Blodgett has to "win first" as Diane Blodgett signed and fully performed the $38,046,524 February 18, 1992 bilateral contract broken by the FTC (App 67, 86) that was intended to benefit others (pp. iii – iv).

President Trump can help Diane Blodgett win equity.

President Biden can help deliver equity for others.


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