The Wise Civilian & Wise Cop app makes violence between civilians and cops unthinkable

Wise Civilian & Wise Cop app makes violence between civilians and cops unthinkable.

Wise Civilian & Wise Cop app makes violence between civilians and cops unthinkable.

The Wise Civilian & Wise Cop (WCWC) uses irrefutable science and logic to prove all humans share a single collective self that our senses cannot perceive.

MOUNT SHASTA, CA, USA, December 1, 2020 / — Vast Self, a public charity, announced today the release of a free iOS app named Wise Civilian & Wise Cop (WCWC) developed by This interactive and educational app is available at Apple Store.

Using newfound scientific material and problem-solving methods, the Wise Civilian & Wise Cop app proves to civilians and cops why humans share the same self and why our senses cannot recognize it. The ignorance of this deception is the only reason we experience conflict and suffering; fortunatelly, this can be reversed with this simple app.

This app has offered users a new understanding of themselves and others that their senses can't perceive, thus proving that any adverse action is always an action against oneself. This discovery and understanding offer a more effective cure to our human-made problems and suffering than other modern methods. The WCWC app delivers surpassing results alone or in conjuncture with other problem-solving methods.

Vast Self is confident that the material revealed in this app will put an immediate end to all negativities and bring peace and compassion to civilians and cops, making future disputes and acts of violence inconceivable. This newfound knowledge is 100% assured to benefit both civilians and cops. Both sides will have an equal appreciation for the resulting outcome.

Beata Balos, a spokesperson for Vast Self said: "We designed 'Wise Civilian & Wise Cop' to end all human-made conflicts and sufferings.
This app provides a method of eradicating problems that we currently lack in the World. How though? This game will show how our perception of ourselves and others is contradictory to how we actually exist. Why? Because we are unaware that our senses are distorting the reality of how everything exists. Most humans assume their senses tell them the truth about others and themselves. Our senses tell us that everyone possesses own-self, (own-life, own-being, own-existence); however, when examined, everyone exists without their own-self because we all share the same self. No one can possess own-self the way we perceive and think we exist. Feel free to disprove the findings in this app and win $100,000. We are very grateful for the help of Alexandra Sullivan, who helped this app become a reality."

Vast Self is a 501(c)(3) public charity #83-1669166 dedicated to showing the World that everlasting peace and happiness is indeed possible and easy to achieve. A new first-rate problem-solving method exists that can reveal and remove the key to all human-made conflicts and sufferings, making any future disputes inconceivable. This solution also guarantees not to interference with people's race, status, religion, philosophy, finances, politics, etc. The resolution to all our worldly struggles lies in understanding that our senses have not shown us how everyone actually exists. Throughout history, such ignorance has been the only obstacle to worldwide peace, compassion, unity, and happiness. But together, we can permanently reverse this.

Wise Civilian & Wise Cop app, (a.k.a. WCWC) uses science and logic to prove that we and those we call our enemies all embody the same self.

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This free phone app makes prejudice and violence unthinkable.

Source: EIN Presswire