Denver Legal Marketing Releases White Paper on How Small Law Firms Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Recession

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New Legal Industry Report Provides Insights and Guidance on Mitigating the Impacts of the Coming Economic Downturn

The pre-COVID legal consumer is different than the post-COVID legal consumer.”

— Denver Legal Marketing

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / — Today, Denver Legal Marketing (DLM), a marketing agency catering to solo practitioners and small law firms, published a new white paper exploring the effect of COVID-19 on law firms and how they can prepare for a successful future.

Nearly all businesses are experiencing the financial losses and anxieties ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic. Small businesses feel the most impact, and the legal field isn't immune.

Even before the pandemic began, operating a solo practice or small law firm was challenging. Much uncertainty remains about what the future holds.

Previously, recessions temporarily changed consumer behaviors. Within a couple of years, a recession's end, consumers returned to their "normal" behaviors. The chances of a post-COVID recession return to normal behavior are slim, making it crucial for small law firms to be ready.

"The pre-COVID legal consumer is different than the post-COVID legal consumer."

No one expected or prepared for this. However, there are steps that small law firms can take to prepare for what is to come. Law firms that want to avoid lay-offs, pay cuts, or shuttering their business altogether need to start preparing now. They need to welcome multiple unexpected changes.

In some ways, small law firms have better positioned themselves to adapt due to their lower overheads and the ability to shift to remote work easily. However, that doesn't mean that they are inherently prepared.

How Small Law Firms Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Recession provides valuable, in-depth insights into what solo and small law firms need to know and do to weather this storm. The paper discusses why and how law firms should:

-Embrace technology and social media
-Know their clients
-Understand changes in consumer behavior
-Focus on customer experience
-Embrace diverse perspectives
-Offer flexible and reliable pricing
-Narrow their law practice to areas of need
-Change their marketing strategy to reflect their consumer-driven changes

The social and economic landscapes change, but there will always be a demand for attorneys. The key to retaining current clients and attracting new ones is to tailor legal services to the post-COVID legal consumer's changing needs and wants.

For more information or advice, read the white paper here or to learn about hourly marketing services with Denver Legal Marketing today at (303) 557-6999.

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