Noom Inc Diet App Co-Founder & President Artem Petakov Sued in $100M Class Action for Auto-Enrollment Scam

Amended Complaint Details Noom Co-Founder Artem Petakov's Key Role in Tricking Customers into Costly Automatic Enrollment Plans

The evidence uncovered to date shows that Noom Founder Petakov weaponized his background in cognitive behavioral therapy to funnel millions of dollars into the diet app company from unwary customers”

— Steven L Wittels

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / — Based on his central role in devising the deceptive marketing and auto-enrollment scheme behind Noom, the app-based weight-loss fad with more than 50 million downloads worldwide, Noom, Inc. Co-Founder and President Artem Petakov has now been added as a defendant in the nationwide class action lawsuit brought by Super Lawyers Wittels McInturff Palikovic charging that the company saddles unsuspecting consumers with nonrefundable, pricey diet plans.

One of the fastest growing companies in the country, Noom faces fraud claims in New York Federal Court that its advertised promise of easy-to-cancel and “risk-free” trial plans is deceptive and false, as canceling a Noom trial plan is even tougher than trying to lose weight. Once the company captures prospective customers’ payment information, would-be dieters find themselves automatically ensnared in weight-loss programs they never intended to purchase. Now the Complaint names Artem Petakov, the mastermind of the auto-enrollment scam.

“The evidence uncovered to date shows that Noom Founder Petakov weaponized his background in cognitive behavioral therapy to funnel millions of dollars into the diet app company from unwary customers,” says class lawyer Steven L. Wittels. “We believe his expertise in manipulating human decision-making was used to trap health conscious Americans into non-refundable, multi-month plans they had no intention of purchasing or using,” Wittels adds.

Thousands of unhappy customers—a number that increases daily—have already complained of being unwittingly enrolled into Noom’s costly and non-refundable automatic renewal plans and then being unable to cancel them. Customer service is virtually non-existent because Noom fails to provide a phone number, email, or even physical address where it can be reached. Users find out too late that cancelling the program is exceedingly difficult and impossible without access to a smart phone app.

“We think Petakov used the psychology of decision-making to lure unsuspecting consumers into trying what they believed was a no-risk and free or low-cost trial,” explains class lawyer Tiasha Palikovic. “Once entangled in the sticky web of deceit that is Noom’s user interface, these customers face a series of intentionally designed barriers that make extricating themselves from Noom’s plans a Sisyphean task.”

Brought on behalf of all Noom customers nationwide, the Class Action lawsuit against the diet app Noom details the various ways the company’s marketing practices violate consumer fraud laws in New York and California, and state law everywhere. The lawsuit spells out how the company fails to get customers’ consent before automatically enrolling them in costly multi-month plans in direct violation of California’s Automatic Purchase Renewal Statute.

The suit maintains that Noom and Petakov owe hundreds of dollars to each class member deceived into automatic enrollment. The class action also asks for punitive damages, interest, costs, restitution, and an injunction to stop the unlawful behavior.

“Unless this case is certified as a class action, people already financially stretched from the pandemic will continue to suffer,” says class attorney J. Burkett McInturff. “Without a class action lawsuit, there will be no consequences for this massive consumer fraud, and Noom will continue to deploy this illegal scheme to rake in revenues topping $237 million annually. We can’t let this continue.”

The plaintiffs’ legal team, Steven L. Wittels, Tiasha Palikovic, and J. Burkett McInturff, have requested a jury trial.

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