“Young Black Men of Mississippi are Disappearing. Where are They Going?”


Malaika Canada is a mother on a mission to free her son from incarceration and vows to fight for other mothers across the United States of America.

Where most mothers would sit down and cry after the verdict, I stood up! I am not that mother. I am the mother that will fight for all mothers!”

— Malaika Canada

COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The State of Mississippi has some of this country’s highest and most startling rates of incarceration, and the most expeditious rate of diminishing the African-American male population, Malaika Canada, Founder of the Jaylen Barker Foundation, is a ‘mother on a mission’ who says her arsenal of weaponry to fight is unlimited when it comes to proving her son’s innocence. Armed with a team of investigators from all walks of life and every corner of the country, she’s poised and ready to fight for her son, Jaylen Barker, as well as the other young adults that are vanishing at the hands of a judicial system that is embarrassingly and visibly flawed. She believes that false allegations, ineffective counsel, alleged faulty prosecution, an alleged biased judge, a set of circumstantial evidence, and an alleged coerced confession has led to her son’s alleged wrongful conviction and she intends to fight his incarceration.

“Where most mothers would sit down and cry after the verdict, I stood up! I am not that mother. I am the mother that will fight for all mothers and I encourage you to stand with me and fight until they hear our voices. We are in the middle of a pandemic and our innocent son’s need to be home quarantining like everyone else.” – M. Canada –

Jaylen Barker, an African-American, is serving a life sentence in the state of Mississippi Correctional Facility for the capital murder of Joseph Tillman. The sentence was reduced to life in prison, after a plea deal, which Malaika Canada states was coerced.

The crime, which has gotten international attention, occurred on November 6th, 2016. On the outside, this case seems to be no more than a night out, with friends, that ended in murder, on the inside it looks like a mosaic of mistruths, civil rights violations, political conspiracies, omissions of evidence, and even some pitiful admissions of mistakes by one judge.

Jaylen Barker’s entire legal file (from arrest to confinement), is pelted with unconsidered evidence and information that directly refutes the credibility of the judicial system, the prosecutor, and the judge. Ongoing investigations have revealed that his case is not the only case that has been handled this way. Parents from throughout the state are contacting the Jaylen Barker Foundation to rally with her and stop the railroading.

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