Calls Mount for Texas Judge to Disqualify Harris County DA in Tainted Murder Case

Burks alleges DEA ignoring strong evidence of his innocence

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — In the latest court filing in the wrongful conviction case of Lamar Burks, a motion has been presented to Texas Judge Greg Glass requesting a hearing to determine whether an active federal investigation into the Harris County DA's office warrants mandatory disqualification under existing Texas law.

Burks, whose case is pending before the state's highest criminal court in Austin, has raised several constitutional grounds in support of his claim of actual innocence and has introduced evidence that shows he was in another state at the time of the murder and was framed by former DEA agents Chad Scott and Jack Schumacher. Scott has been convicted on a slew of federal corruption charges and is scheduled to stand trial in March of 2021 on four additional federal charges. Schumacher, who has been professionally disciplined 19 times in his career, was also called before Congress in a civil rights investigation into the shooting deaths of nine persons of color.

National civil rights leaders at the NAACP have called on Burks to be released

Local civil rights organizations, including Black Lives Matter, Texas Advocates for Justice, and the Texas Civil Rights Project are also perplexed by the DA's refusal to drop the charges. Government exhibits attached to Burks' motion for disqualification show a multi-divisional investigation which includes among other subjects members of the Harris County DA's office.

One angle of the government's probe is whether Chad Scott funneled drug money into the Harris County DA's office to influence the Burks case. During Scott's first federal trial, the jury heard testimony of a $10,000 bribe paid by Scott to an assistant US attorney in exchange for a lenient sentence for one of Scott's informants.

New evidence unsealed by the government on July 1st 2020 in US vs Scott No.2:17-CR-00181 reveals wiretap intercept recordings of Scott and a Colombian national allegedly trafficking tons of cocaine from Colombia onto the streets of every major city in the continental United States.

Questions are beginning to swirl concerning campaign funds used to secure the November reelection of Harris County DA Kim Ogg. Specifically, whether any campaign funds can be linked to Scott's international drug trafficking enterprise. Several civil rights activists believe this would explain why the Harris County DA's office has taken extraordinary measures to insulate Scott's criminal activities in the Burks case. If the disqualification motion is granted, Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton would be required to appoint a special prosecutor to represent the state.

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