New American communications & sales framework launches in Manchester

James Pogson launches new US-based Communication Sales Frame-work North West

James Pogson with launches new US-based Communication & Sales Frame-work in the North West.

New opportunity for North West businesses to grow their sales with the launch of a new American-based communications & Sales framework

MANCHESTER, NORTH WEST ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, April 12, 2021 / — Online communication has never been so important. If businesses have learnt anything from the past few months, it’s that a strong communications message and sales funnel can make the difference between success and failure.

However, that success can only be achieved with a level of communication that stands out. When millions are spent annually on marketing messages, capturing attention can be so difficult especially trying to connect with your target audience. As a result, mediocre marketing messages simply don’t get heard.

This is where the 2,000-year-old art of storytelling – a formula that even Hollywood uses to capture the imagination of millions worldwide – makes the difference as a framework to attract awareness and grow success.

While storytelling may be an art, its effectiveness is down to a simple framework that can turn even unexciting business information into a compelling story that connects every company with its customers.

StoryBrand, a pioneering American system developed by author, public speaker and entrepreneur Don Miller, uses storytelling to do exactly that, securing success for thousands of companies across the US. That framework has now been introduced to England’s North West by 21StoryMarketing, a marketing & sales business that provides effective communication and sales lead generation consultancy.

“Engaging with the power of story is the secret success for business communication. Choosing the right words can be so much more effective than how much money you spend,” says 21StoryMarketing founder James Pogson, who is based in Manchester and is North West England’s only StoryBrand certified guide.

“Having followed StoryBrand’s phenomenal success across the U.S. I’ve been impressed by the results it has achieved for its clients.

“Customers have struggled with the challenge lockdowns have brought throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with businesses needing to pivot and shift trading practices. I saw StoryBrand as an opportunity to help those same businesses stand out amongst their competitors with clear messaging what they do and why customers should buy from them. Even if it’s obvious what the product is customers want to know why they should buy your product rather than a competitors. As a result I’m now qualified in bringing effective communication to benefit businesses in the North West and beyond.”

In the coming weeks, Pogson will present free webinars and is already speaking with businesses how the 7-steps of brilliant storytelling can help every business capture its clients’ attention to increase sales. Participants will implement Pogson’s key tips and advice into their marketing, PR, print, online advertising and social media to grow their business.

“The framework successfully uses messaging that appeals to the human mind. It’s effective whether you’re launching a new product, operating as a non-profit or creating a start-up. Whatever your business status, I enjoy helping businesses stand-out above and beyond their competitors.” continues Pogson, who’s career has helped drive growth for dozens of businesses.

“I know how hard it is for many businesses right now and this is the perfect opportunity to clarify your company’s messaging with a clear story to tell. Make it clear. Get it right. Secure success.”

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