Run, Hide, Fight: How to Survive the Nightmare Scenario of an Active Shooter

Run, Hide, Fight: How to Survive the Nightmare Scenario of an Active Shooter

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — In 2020 alone, there was a total of 578 mass shootings – defined as a shooting in which four or more victims are shot – in the United States. Now, security expert Jeffrey Redding Chicago says that statistics such as this make it more important than ever to prepare for surviving an active shooter scenario. 

Having an active shooter in your building is undoubtedly a nightmare situation. Thankfully, there are steps that can help you survive this horrible scenario. According to Jeffrey Redding Chicago and many other security experts around the globe, the best way to come out of an active shooter situation unharmed is to follow one simple order of operations: run, hide, fight. 


If you find yourself in a building or area where an active shooter is present, running away as far and as fast as possible should be your first priority. For many people, hiding may seem like the most intuitive choice when faced with an active shooter. Jeffrey Redding Chicago, however, warns that hiding isn't always the best option and that, when possible, running away should be your first action. 

The reason why running is the best way to survive an active shooter is two-fold. Assuming you aren't cornered or otherwise trapped, running away allows you to escape the area of immediate danger in little time at all. Another benefit of running is that it is much more difficult for a shooter to hit a moving target. In most cases, someone who is able to begin sprinting away as soon as they hear shots going off will be able to survive an active shooter scenario. For this reason, running should always be your first option. 


While running away is by far the best way to maximize your chances of surviving an active shooter, running isn't always going to be an option. If you are trapped in an interior room, for example, and the shooter is out in the hallway, then hiding where you are is likely to be safer than running out into the line of fire. In any situation where running will force you into the line of fire rather than away from it, hiding is your best bet. 

In an active shooter scenario, you are likely to have very little time and few areas to choose from when it comes to finding a hiding place. While it's certainly important to choose a hiding place that the shooter is unlikely to check, it is equally important to make a fast decision. Find the best hiding spot in your current location as quickly as possible then remain quiet and out of sight until police are able to arrive. 


When neither running nor hiding is an option, fighting back is the final course of survival that a person in an active shooter scenario has available. In a situation where your hiding spot is discovered by the shooter or a situation where you are caught up in the line of fire before you have time to run away or hide, fighting back is the option left. However, Jeffrey Redding Chicago warns that fighting back should always be a last resort. 

The reason why you should only fight back when running or hiding isn't an option is easy enough to understand. Unless they happen to be armed with a firearm as well, anyone in a violent confrontation with an active shooter is going to be at a severe disadvantage. Even someone armed with a concealed handgun is likely to be at a disadvantage when it comes to fighting back against an active shooter since most mass shootings are carried out with firearms that are much more accurate and higher capacity than the average handgun. 

Nevertheless, when all else fails, fighting back is certainly preferable to doing nothing. If you are unarmed and forced to fight back against an active shooter, closing the distance between you and the shooter should be your number one priority. At a distance, an unarmed person has no chance of fighting back against someone armed with a firearm. If you are able to get within arms reach of the shooter, though, you won't be at nearly as much of a disadvantage.


The odds that you ever find yourself in an active shooter scenario are incredibly low. Nevertheless, this nightmare is one that hundreds of people are forced to contend with every single year. If you do end as one of this unfortunate few, great situational awareness is the key to survival. If you are able to stay calm, analyze the situation, and decide between running, hiding, and fighting back, your chances of surviving the nightmare scenario of an active shooter are greatly improved. 

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