Acclaimed Criminal Attorney, Vince Imhoff, Made Guest Appearance on Legal Shield's Renown Legal Services Show

Vince Imhoff

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 / — Imhoff & Associates, P.C.’s Managing Director Vincent Imhoff is Legal Shield's CEO Jeff Bell's most recent guest on Justice For All. Justice for All is dedicated to amplifying the voices of human rights advocates and increasing awareness of issues that impact marginalized and disenfranchised members of society. Join LegalShield CEO Jeff Bell as he explores these critical issues through the eyes of seasoned legal professionals and civil rights activists.

"I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Legal Shield's CEO Jeff Bell on this week's episode of Justice For All," states Imhoff. "We discussed discrimination in the legal system, police corruption, the future of social justice and more."

The episode aired 9/2/21 at 8:00 AM. One topic Imhoff discussed was how crucial it is to increase the federal government's oversight of police conduct and how we must all take action to spread this message.

Imhoff continues, "For my career, I have taken the empathy I have from the discrimination I have felt and use that empathy with my clients. All voices help. Even the ugly voices help because they point out what we need to fix."

This week's episode with Vince was packed with weighty discussions that are relevant to the current political climate now more than ever. Some specific viewpoints shared were on how to increase the use of special prosecutors in police misconduct investigations, how we need to enhance the collection of data on fatalities involving police, that we must implement implicit bias training for all federal law-enforcement officers and state and local police involved in federal task forces, and how crucial it is to increase the federal government’s oversight of police conduct. Imhoff believes the first step that must be taken is to have more diversity in our government so that trust can be made and actual actions be taken.

"There are cities where two or three residents are black and the city government is almost entirely white. The lack of representation of people of color raises significant concerns over a lack of reflective representation in our democracy. For communities of color, it undermines trust in government," concludes Imhoff.

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Vince Imhoff

Vince Imhoff is from Chicago, Illinois. He is admitted to practice law in Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. Imhoff achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Lewis University and later obtained his JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1989. After earning his JD, Mr.Imhoff was a Public Defender in Cook County, Illinois, from 1990 to 1997. He then entered private practice as a solo practitioner.

Vince Imhoff founded Imhoff & Associates, PC, in 2003. In 2005, he became Managing Director of the Cochran Firm, Criminal Defense section. However, following the death of Mr.Cochran, Imhoff left the Cochran Firm to re-establish Imhoff and Associates, PC. He was also the assistant coach for the trial team at Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law, from 2000 through 2002.

Vince Imhoff is now the Managing Director of Imhoff & Associates, PC. With offices throughout the United States, Imhoff & Associates works with over 650 lawyers. Today, Vince Imhoff is a member of the State Bar of Illinois, State Bar of California, and State Bar of Pennsylvania. He is also an active member of the California Public Defenders Association, Santa Monica Bar Association (Treasurer 2012-2014, Board Member 2008-2014), Lesbian Gay Lawyers Association (Secretary 2009-2011, Board Member 2009-2015), San Bernardino County Bar, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

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