Amine Douab discusses the importance of working with an immigration attorney

International travel and migration effectively came to a halt in 2020

International travel and migration effectively came to a halt in 2020

Amine Douab discussed the importance of working with an immigration attorney

GATINEAU, QUEBEC, CANADA, October 8, 2021 / — Amine Douab offers information about the critical importance of working with an attorney to obtain optimal immigration outcomes in today's changing international atmosphere. 

International travel and migration effectively came to a halt in 2020 due to regulations imposed by governments to fight the global pandemic. These restrictions had an outsized impact on immigration as borders shut and consulates closed, slowing the issuing of visas and other travel documents. As a result, immigration agencies worldwide are struggling to address backlogs that have grown to the danger point, increasing the difficulty of successfully completing the application process without the assistance of an immigration attorney, suggests Amine Douab. By working with an experienced immigration attorney, aspiring immigrants can ensure their applications are correctly completed and bolstered by strong supporting evidence, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

Amine Douab provides insight on the importance of working with an immigration attorney 

Immigration attorneys are legal experts who specialize in helping potential immigrants obtain authorization to live and work abroad. They assist immigrants with the often complex processes of filling out immigration applications and procuring the required supporting documentation. Immigration attorneys work day in and day out with the same issues, giving them the ability to quickly spot potential issues and suggest experience-proven remedies that can often have a dramatic impact on the outcome of an application. Because they regularly submit visa applications to the Canadian authorities, they know what government reviewers are looking for and how best to present important information to obtain favorable results. According to Amine Douab, working with an immigration attorney saves applicants time, money and effort. 

Amine Douab offers tips on how to find an immigration attorney 

Recommendations from friends or family members who have worked with an immigration attorney in the past are a great way to vet immigration attorneys, suggests Amine Douab — particularly for individuals interested in immigrating through family-reunification programs. Many large and multi-national companies that regularly send employees to offices around the world often have in-house immigration services that effectively take care of visa applications for impacted workers. Many multi-national companies often make it easy for employees to move internationally by offering relocation services that arrange important details such as flights, visas, work permits and housing. Individuals employed by large concerns should consider reaching out to their company's Human Resources department for assistance in completing and submitting immigration paperwork. Many multi-national companies also take responsibility for arranging visas and work permits for accompanying family members as well.  

As countries around the world begin lifting social distancing and travel restrictions, immigration around the world will begin to return to pre-pandemic levels, argues Amine Douab. Engaging an immigration attorney is often the best way to efficiently obtain a positive outcome when it comes to getting permission to live and work abroad. 

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