Stenonymous Blog Receives Matching Offer During Stenographers World Appearance

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Christopher Day, creator of Stenonymous

The stenographic community continues to rally around the blog thanks to its commitment to honesty.

Graduates in this field will have a far better work-life balance than reporters that came into the field in the last ten years thanks to what’s happening in this industry right now.”

— Christopher Day

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / — On Saturday morning the Stenonymous blog creator, Christopher Day, took to the Stenographers World radio program produced by Selena Stehn-Verver to discuss court reporting and his blog. The audience got to hear how Day got involved with court reporting, decided on a name for his blog, and how the blog got started. The program was led by Outfluence’s Al Betz, an advocate for human connection through silent communication and inspired performance.

It wasn't long until hard-hitting questions came in from the audience. “Would you allow a digital court reporter to sit in with you?” For stenographic court reporters, the idea of being pressured to help train their competition has been a point of contention for over three years. For his answer, Day said that his default would’ve been no, but remarked that upon thinking about it further, such moments do provide an excellent opportunity to engage with digital reporters, bring them into mainstream court reporting, and encourage them to enter stenography training. The Stenonymous blog itself has addressed that in the past and explained that in many jurisdictions, stenographers simply have more career options available and better growth potential than digital court reporters.

Though the program dove into Day’s recent work and the allocation of over $5,000 received for a social media and consumer awareness campaign, the overarching theme of the day was communication. It was noted how court reporters could get a coaching session through Outfluence or other vendors and then practice their public speaking at StenoMasters, a nonprofit online public speaking club recently started by Joshua Edwards, President of the New York State Court Reporters Association.

Al Betz mentioned a need to support the young man and his work, and court reporters answered the call. Mary Ann Payonk, a court reporter tuning in from Richmond, Virginia, communicated something that was a genuine surprise for Day and the rest of the audience. In a move Day described as gutsy, Ms. Payonk agreed to personally match all donations that came into Christopher Day for the Stenonymous blog on October 9, 2021. A total of $400 was raised shortly after the show concluded, culminating in an $800 gain for the blog and for Day to continue his advocacy work.

After the show, Day admitted feeling a deep, personal connection to Ms. Payonk.
“Mary Ann Payonk was one of the people that saved my career. When I felt alone and defeated, she set me up with a huge support system. She connected me to every big name in the field and showed me that there were court reporters that cared about newbies.” Revealing his own feelings about newbies, he continued. “Now I’m carrying that torch with her. Graduates in this field will have a far better work-life balance than reporters that came into the field in the last ten years thanks to what’s happening in this industry right now.”

There were more reflections from the 11-year court reporter after the program concluded. “At the end of the show I talked about the importance of confronting what we are afraid of” said Day. “Courage is being afraid and doing what’s right regardless.”

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