Immigration Professionals Pioneer Soft-Launch of First Independent Platform for Global Migration

Relocate, an independent platform for global migration seeks to ease the burdens of migration.

Relocate is the first independent marketplace for global migration.

Leading immigration lawyers join legal-tech platform to ease burdens of migration, inspire global migration, and cultivate a community of global citizens.

The ongoing discourse with leading immigration lawyers is encouraging. There is a common thread of empathy, and a cutting-edge philosophy that brings a fresh perspective to global mobility.”

— David Cantor, Founder of Relocate

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / — Relocate, an independent platform for global migration, provides individuals with a centralized marketplace for relocation. The soft-launch for this #legaltech company features a limited enrollment of experienced immigration practitioners in eleven-countries.

“There are clear problems to solve in the immigration industry,” added Marek Pałys, Co-Founder of Start-Up House, an award-winning engineering firm based in Warsaw. “From an engineering perspective, this is an extremely interesting challenge for us. Information overload, inefficiency to access relevant information, and a lack of transparency are real barriers for those seeking to relocate—and now we’re on a mission to confront these issues.”

Through Relocate, individuals can easily search and browse through relevant information about relocation; channel inquiries about specific cross-border questions and consult directly with licensed migration professionals to obtain tailored advice. As an independent marketplace, legal advice is provided by qualified legal practitioners and global mobility specialists that each have their own areas of practice.

“We’re extremely honored to be part of this project with so many high-level immigration experts worldwide,” commented Gabriela Lessa, Immigration Partner at Veirano Advogados, a premier Brazilian law firm.

“The onboarding on the website was incredibly easy, responsive and intuitive,” commented Mihan Hannan, Managing Partner at Hanan Tew, a cutting-edge Australian law firm.

“Similar to the #fintech movement, there seems to be momentum gaining in areas of #legaltech,” said Jürgen Pretsch, research-based scientist and serial expat. “The timing for something like this is really appropriate. The future of work is changing, and governments are finally starting to recognize that immigration pathways are needed for this new generation of digital nomads.”

“This is such a refreshing moment for me as well,” commented Miho Tanaka, Founder and CEO of Startup Work in Japan. “I hardly meet people trying to solve the complicated immigration procedures around the world. Like the other countries in the world, the Japanese immigration system is like a blackbox.”

Relocate has an engineering roadmap that will lead to a full-scale platform early next year.

For the present MVP release, individuals can still explore new destinations, dig-deeper into core topics about relocation, and further understand relocation options based on their needs and preferences. It also features original publications written by migration experts.

“Since our inception, one of the most encouraging aspects to developing Relocate has been our discourse with leading immigration practitioners throughout the world,” said David Cantor, U.S. Immigration Lawyer and Founder of Relocate. “There is a common thread of empathy, and a cutting-edge philosophy for providing global mobility services that brings a fresh perspective.”

Relocate features vetted, licensed immigration experts in eleven countries that you can engage for tailored consultations about immigration:

Sophie Alcorn: Founder of Alcorn Law, an immigration law firm for startups in California; immigration podcast host and author of "Dear Sophie."

Jennifer Behm: Senior Partner at Berardi, rising U.S. law firm with cross-border reach into Canada. Assisting business professionals, entrepreneurs and companies across all industries.

Daniel Parisi: Immigration attorney with a focus on visa ineligibility based on criminal history; maintains extensive experience dealing with US Embassies around the world.

Nava Elmi: Bilingual solo-practitioner supporting employees, entrepreneurs and investors with full-spectrum of immigration services.

Yulia Kan: Supports applications for temporary visitors, students, workers, investors, entrepreneurs, family classes, and citizenship in Canada.

Miguel Martins: Specializes in helping individuals and families looking to visit, study, or immigrate to Canada.

Heather Segal: Canadian and US immigration lawyer for over 25 years; Director of American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Neveen Galal: UK Immigration Solicitor named as Who’s Who Britians Elite Business Leaders, specialising in all aspects of UK immigration, visas, nationality and citizenship.

Gary McIndoe: Director of prominent Immigration Law Firm, Latitude Law; over 30 years' experience advising corporate and private clients.

Chetal Patel: Immigration Partner at premier UK Law Firm, Bates Wells; specialises in UK immigration work and advises on setting up a business, start-ups, sponsorship, and investors.

Mihan (Adnan) Hannan: Founder of Hanan Tew, dynamic and solutions-focused firm well versed in all aspects of Australian immigration law.

Aishwarya Somal: Senior Immigration Lawyer and Global Mobility Expert; works across borders to support individuals and businesses seeking migration solutions for Australia.

Fiona Wong: Solicitor and Partner of business savvy immigration law firm, Gilton Valeo, providing full-spectrum of relocation services for Australia.

Fabíola Dias Alonso: Licensed Brazilian lawyer; works mainly with International Law, Italian citizenship, Portuguese Nationality and Immigration Law.

Nicole Cavalcanti: Managing partner and dual-qualified lawyer in Brazil and in Italy; specializing in immigration matters for both individuals and businesses

Gabriela Lessa: Who’s Who Thought Leader in Brazil, extensive experience supporting individuals and businesses on immigration matters through top-rated firm, Veirano.

Costa Rica
Marcela Gurdian: Founding Partner and immigration lawyer in Costa Rica supporting foreign nationals with a variety of relocation needs.

Daniela Polo: English-qualified solicitor advising clients in corporate and immigration law; extensive experience representing foreign nationals.

Daniel Tostado: Dual-qualified French-US attorney; practices exclusively French in-bound immigration with a focus on private clients.

Fabíola Dias Alonso: Licensed Brazilian lawyer; works mainly with International Law, Italian citizenship, Portuguese Nationality and Immigration Law.

Nicole Cavalcanti: Managing partner and dual-qualified lawyer in Brazil and in Italy; specializing in immigration matters for both individuals and businesses

Nick Metta: Bilingual Italian lawyer specializing in immigration and cross-border matters between US and Italy.

Miho Tanaka: Founder & CEO of Startup Work Inc. based in Tokyo, and Shibuya's Startup Visa Lead in Shibuya; recognized as a pioneer in #legaltech, Miho is a leading source for supporting individuals and startup businesses in Japan.

David Heneghan: Senior immigration lawyer at top-rated firm, EFC, maintains a broad client base incorporating US and EMEA law firms, multi-jurisdictional corporate clients as well as individuals.

New Zealand
Aaron Martin: Highly regarded practitioner in immigration law assisting private individuals, business, and corporate clients. Skilled in evaluating complex cases, ministerial intervention, appeals, and character or medical waivers.

Nicola Tiffen: Immigration Partner within one of New Zealand’s largest full-service law firms; over twenty years specialising in immigration law.

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