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We protect all that you’re worth with peace of mind, closure and savings. We are so pleased that Argos understands this and can now help their clients in ways.

— Betsy Ehrenberg, CEO

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For Immediate Release: CEO Betsy Ehrenberg announced today that Argos Funeral services, based in California, will incorporate the Legacy Concierge suite of services into their offerings for their clientele. Ms. Ehrenberg states, “We are the leading service that helps define, maintain and preserve the Digital After Life for our clients, globally. Legacy Concierge builds a unique connection to our clientele by bridging the gap between estate planning and the location, control, curation and collection of your Digital After Life.”

Argos Co-owner Judah Ben-Hur adds, “We are in the trust category and our reputation has been built on helping families anticipate and create financial arrangements with our funeral homes to pay, in advance of need, the costs of funeral, cremation, and burial. Anyone, regardless of age or health, can set up our pre-need trust program. Planning enables you to make careful decisions, based on your choices and budget, and spares your loved ones the burden of making choices, and paying for, the merchandise, location, and details of your final services. With Legacy Concierge, we can offer a new set of services that also assist in their planning. We are excited about the partnership and being among the first organizations to implement this program.”
Ms. Ehrenberg states, “For Families, we provide empathetic hope and trusted guidance. For affinity businesses, we can ease the transition of a decedent by protecting their client’s assets and identity, finding hidden wealth, and closing down necessary accounts, both financial and social.”

Legacy Concierge is a trustworthy advisor in the nascent space of estate administration in the digital age. A leading authority, Legacy Concierge is there as an ally and additional service to guide families creating a plan for a meaningful Digital After Life as a gift to the next generation. Legacy Concierge wraps their clients in empathetic arms to provide comprehensive services that help guide families and loved ones through their grief and empower them to manage the decedents Digital After Life. Legacy Concierge creates a positive impact, saves time and money through their affordable and accessible planning.

Ms. Ehrenberg closes, “We protect all that you’re worth with peace of mind, closure and savings. We are so pleased that Argos understands this and can now help their clients in ways.”

About Argos Funeral Services
Servicing all cities in Southern California, our professional staff has over thirty-three combined years of experience caring for families. Offering a sensitive and compassionate response to everyone's needs, regardless of faith. We create a personalized funeral ceremony that expresses the individuality and unique traits of your loved one. Extraordinary requests and challenges are welcomed. We offer a unique, Personal Service that is available 24/7. Our professional staff will maintain your personal and business privacy.

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About Legacy Concierge
Legacy Concierge LOCKYT empowers families and loved ones to manage a decedent's Digital After Life (B2C) and scales seamlessly for professional trust officers and family offices managers (B2B) to provide additional posthumous services for their clients. LOCKYT comprehensive services bridge the gap between estate planning and estate probate management guiding families and loved ones through their grief by locating, controlling, curating, and collecting assets in an estate.

Founded in 2017 by Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Betsy Ehrenberg, Legacy Concierge who discovered the problematic issues around estate probate as she was advising a recent widow. Through extensive research in law and finance Legacy Concierge was established to provide a service product to preserve estate value, minimize financial and emotional loss after death.

Betsy Ehrenberg, CEO
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Betsy Ehrenberg
Legacy Concierge
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