Rent A Trans Is Making It Easy For Companies To Add Diversity In Their Organization

Rent a Trans

Rent a Trans

Rent a Trans - Engaging Minorities. Maximizing Diversity.

Rent a Trans – Engaging Minorities. Maximizing Diversity.

Rent a Trans is providing vetted LGBTQ candidates to help companies become more diverse and compliant with California’s updated LGBTQ hiring policy.

At Rent a Trans we are striving to engage minorities to maximize diversity in any organization.”

— Fast Sopo (Lead Recruiter)

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 / — California's new LGBTQ hiring law has updated its policy, and the companies now need to change the recruitment practices to add diversity to the organization. Rent a Trans has come ahead to safeguard companies' tender submissions, grants, scholarships by providing them qualified, vetted LGBTQ candidates who will be available to work on an hourly basis or even on contract.

Rent a Trans is a platform, helping companies to have diverse hiring in their organization while staying within the bounds of the new diversity quotas. While being very economical, Rent a Trans has a highly qualified and vetted pool of LGBTQ candidates. The candidates are not only local but are also available for remote hiring. While having a smooth and fast renting process, many also believe that Rent a Trans helps companies keep hiring decisions and management control.

On talking to the media, the company owner said, "We give you back the freedom to make your own hiring decisions."

Rent a Trans platform works both for the company as well as the job seeker. To rent a minority, use their 3-step formula; Pick a Minority, agree on mutual terms and conditions and collaborate. For job seekers, all one needs to do is register themselves, and their experts will start placing them for different interviews.

Rent a Trans is a platform for businesses to secure their eligibility for government tender submissions, board representation, or grants and scholarships. One can do this by selecting qualified LGBTQ people from our validated database willing to complete hourly contracts or permanent jobs inside your firm. We offer a large pool of vetted and confirmed people that a company may recruit to future-proof itself. It was founded to benefit both the company and the community, resulting in a solution where everyone benefits. To get started, we offer a straightforward process and a meager cost. You can learn more at their website

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Source: EIN Presswire