This Team of Ohio Lawyers Fights the Wave of Disability Benefits Denials

An attorney at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal sits at a conference table with a visitor. HNB helps people who were denied their Social Security Disability benefits in Ohio.

The Ohio Social Security Disability lawyers at HNB help people struggling with health problems secure financial assistance, even after they were initially denied.

The Social Security Disability system denies most people who apply for benefits, but disability law firms are fighting for applicants’ rights.

DAYTON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 / — Nationwide, an incredible 79 percent of initial Social Security Disability (SSD) applications were denied over a recent 10-year period. In Ohio, when people appeal their disability denials in hearings with judges, more than half are often still denied.

These numbers might seem shocking. American taxpayers may assume that when hardworking people suffer serious health problems, cutting off their working years before retirement age, financial assistance is available for them. Every worker, after all, contributes to the Social Security system through every paycheck, gaining eligibility for this assistance if they find themselves unable to work.

So why don’t they qualify for benefits?

Social Security has thousands of rules and multiple steps and procedures for people to get benefits—including its own legal system that includes its own courts and judges.

This can lead to a system that’s uncaring and unfair.

It’s even more unfair when applicants unfamiliar with this system have to navigate it by themselves, burdening everyday Americans who already struggle with severe medical conditions.

But there is a class of professionals who fight back on behalf of disability claimants: disability lawyers.

SSD applicants in Ohio have access to the Ohio Social Security Disability lawyers at Horenstein, Nicholson & Blumenthal (HNB) in Dayton. HNB attorneys are dedicated to helping Ohioans through the process of applying for SSD, so they may receive benefits to which they are legally and morally entitled.

The law firm not only helps applicants secure initial acceptances; the firm also provides aid and consultation to those who have been denied disability benefits, helping clients appeal that decision and giving them a second chance at securing this essential financial relief when they can’t work.

HNB has helped thousands of applicants successfully seek disability benefits since 1973.

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