Coloring Books help Dogs provide therapy to child crime victims say Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Child Advocates

Special Victims Unit Officer Iancone and Cali Therapy Dog

Cali Therapy Dog and Cranston, RI Police Officer Iancone

Therapy Dog Pepper Wausheka County Wisconsin

Wausheka therapy dog Pepper, Wausheka County WI

USA Therapy Dogs

Courthouse Therapy Dogs across the USA helping provide the nation with custom coloring books designed to compliment dogs providing therapy to child crime victims.

The most important of all, is watching them color for a few minutes and not have to think about whatever trauma they have survived and just be a kid.”

— Det. Michael Iacone Cranston Police Dpt. Special Victims Unit / K9 CALI

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, November 9, 2021 / — Really Big Coloring Books | is helping provide the nation with informational custom coloring books designed to compliment dogs that provide therapy to child crime victims. Courthouse facility dogs can help abused children tell their stories to law enforcement and therapists. Prosecutors, Police Departments, Child Advocates and District Attorneys around the nation turn in part to the coloring books to provide a resource tool for children to express the truth and hard facts of cases in which a child may have been traumatized.

Detective Michael Iacone, Cranston, Rhode Island, Police Department Special Victims Unit / K9 CALI:
"As a Special Victims Detective, I see the impacts of child maltreatment on a daily basis. To have the ability to introduce our therapy dog Cali to these children, and witness the smile on their face, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I was fortunate enough to take that one step further when I created the Cali coloring book, which is used in school settings, hospitals and at the police station. The coloring/activity book can be used for so many reasons to include, internet safety, bike safety, bullying, stranger danger, just to name a few. The most important of all, is watching them color for a few minutes and not have to think about whatever trauma they have survived and just be a kid".

Jennifer Dunn, Director Victim Witness Assistance Program, Wauekesha County Wisconsin:
"The 'Pepper’s Coloring and Activity Book' arrived 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to start using it. Last week, 2 young girls came to our office with their mother. They had to testify to the abuse they saw happen to their mother, and were waiting in our office for 3 hours. I presented them with the books while they spent time with Pepper. The girls were thrilled and colored for almost the entire time they were present. The girls kept showing Pepper the pictures and activities they were doing in “her” books. The books were an incredible complement to the Facility Dog Program, and helped to occupy and calm these 2 young girls. I am so glad we were able to add this resource to our services for crime victims.”

Many times children who had been physically, sexually and emotionally abused can work with a therapy dog complimented with a custom coloring book helping victims speak with a child advocate or tell a stranger about what happened to them. By the child's side is a courthouse facility dog provided by a prosecutor a district attorney or a social or law enforcement official. Often when an interviewer has left the room for a moment to speak with detectives, a child will hug a therapy dog. At times they will say things like, “I love you, to the dog. You really are a good dog and you make me happy. I like talking to you (the dog) because you are so nice.”

Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. knows the stories inside the custom designed coloring books will show or describe how specially trained dogs can help individual crime victims, and it's happening in courtrooms across the US and Canada. Therapy dogs can provide an insight to help children describe what has happened, so a prosecutor, police officer, a district attorney or child advocate can do their jobs.

The company has been providing coloring books on therapy dogs in nearly all 50 states. To learn more about helping children with a custom coloring book that compliment therapy dogs please visit or call direct at 314-695-5757.

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