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NEW YORK, USA, November 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —
The database for intellectual property information is massive. Finding the correct intellectual property rights information navigating through the ocean of data is a tough job. Now it is just a click away with IP Bookmark www.ipbookmark.com that filters through the massive global IP information and presents the one the users are looking for instantly. According to IP Bookmark’s team members said, “IP Bookmark was made to end the confusion and the massive amount of intellectual property information, and address the lack of a comprehensive intellectual property navigation platform, IP Bookmark just made one small step, more functions of IP Bookmark will show around this topic”.

I. Quick and accurate IP information across the globe

A business or individual with intellectual property needs to go through a huge amount of worldwide databases in order to find what they are looking for. The cultural and language barriers delay their work to a great extent. They can find the professional IP information they need effortlessly in IP Bookmark. Law firms or businesses that are in need of trusted lawyers or law firms can find them through the platform. IP Bookmark is dedicated to making things easy for businesses, individuals, law firms, lawyers to fulfill their IP needs, users get the most correct and latest details on patents, copyrights, and trademarks in over 130 regions around the world and in six languages at the platform.

The users can get the details related to patent, copyright, trademark, and design in just a click with the clear title and classification on their site. All is done as per the local classification standards. The links are arranged in a specific order which makes the list most convenient to navigate through.

II. Easy time and exchange rate conversion

IP Bookmark makes sure that no one is left behind with their cross-border intellectual property needs. No matter where the user is in the globe, they will be able to get the information about the current time in different regions and exchange rates. That way the users will be able to have a smoother communication with foreign partners and international payments.

The‘Common Time Conversion’ offers accurate times of 12 main regions. The users will be able to convert the corresponding time of all the other countries by entering the time of just one country. With ‘Other Time Conversion’ the users can select two regions/cities in the world and enter the time of the region and get the corresponding time almost immediately. The users will be able to see the exact time of a city or region by clicking a location on the map with the ‘Current Time’ tool at http://www.ipbookmark.com/time.

IP Bookmark's exchange rate tool has the ability to convert currencies of 68 countries. The most 12 common currencies can be converted with the ‘Common Currency’ tool. With ‘Exchange Currency’ users can choose any two currencies and convert each other. With the ‘Other Currency’ tool at http://www.ipbookmark.com/currency one can enter the number of currencies to be converted, and it will calculate and present the corresponding conversion results of 68 currencies.

III. Full convenience

The platform aims to offer ultimate convenience to its users. One can effortlessly revisit the links they click frequently by adding them to favorites. Users can create a personalized intellectual property bookmark that saves a lot of time. Unlike search engines, which fail to deliver the desired experience while searching for a saved bookmark, IP Bookmark automatically arranges the saved links based on regions and sections. The users don’t even need to name them to find them. It is designed so brilliantly that the saved bookmarks can be detected with just a simple glance.

IV. Mobile-friendly

Mobile devices have become more popular with users due to their pure convenience. Any website needs to function properly on mobile devices alongside desktop browsers. IP Bookmark understands the preference of its users. That is why IP Bookmark created a flawless platform that performs excellently in both desktop and mobile browsers. IP Bookmark is extremely easy to use and can be operated at anytime and anywhere, and it will not face any issue when they access the site and get the same user experience through any of their devices.

IP Bookmark encourages users to share their experiences to make improvements, and hopes to work with global users to create a world of convenience in intellectual property information. For more details about their services, visit the platform at http://www.ipbookmark.com/.

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Source: EIN Presswire